Friday, July 12, 2013

1st Annual Family Day!

On Monday we celebrated our first annual Family Day - the one year anniversary of Wedly joining our family. We celebrated with an overnight backpacking trip. Warning...this will be a picture heavy post! There were just so many great pictures that I couldn't leave out and since this blog is more of a scrapbook of pictures than it is anything else, I figure it's ok. Anyway, we headed out to Bolt Camp along the Lewis River Trail where I went backpacking almost every year as a little girl. We invited my sister and  her family along for the fun, knowing Wedly would love to have his cousins to play with and chase after. It was a refreshing, fun, quick trip! And what a momentous occasion to celebrate! I must say, it's been a great year. There have been some times of frustration and I've certainly felt unprepared at times, but God has been so good and I'm so thankful for this path he's set before us!

Just before taking off!

Taking a break and having some GORP.

 And we arrived! All the boys did awesome, and the three oldest walked the entire 2.5 miles with their little packs on. I think Gabriel felt like a king, sitting up high in the Kelty. He really seemed to enjoy the walk in!

And it was warm enough to enjoy the river a bit.
Playing with fire! :)

Levi enjoyed the cold water more than Gabe...he's a little water baby!

Cooking dinner together, just as we oftentimes do at home!

Helping Auntie pump water

Drinking Hot Cocoa

Playing Sardines...
And here we are, waiting to be found! Love this picture of these two!!

Grandma and Grandpa hiked in the next day and provided a picnic lunch for us!

Love these two!

The guys decided to take the opportunity to try out the rope swing hear camp. It was just a bit too cold for me, though it sure looked fun.


And finally, here is a blast from the past...some pictures of our backpacking trips from when I was a little girl!

Heidi carved our last name in the shelter. You can just barely make it out now. The shelter was knocked down in a big flood and had to be rebuilt (it is in the process of that right now), so our name was in a different spot, but still discernible!

Ready to head up the trail!

Resting along the way. There are some massive old growth trees along the way.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our little walker, our first camping trip of the season and VBS

It has been a busy couple of months here in our house, so here is a quick post on a few things that have been going on in our lives.

First, Gabe started walking about a month and a half ago (hard to believe it's already been that long!). It was a wonder to watch him learn right before my very eyes. He had been taking occasional steps, but then one evening, he started climbing up into a child-size rocking chair, turning himself around so he was in a sitting position and then from there walking quite a few steps in a row (as many as 14 or so). From there, he continued to walk fairly regularly while at home, but it took him about 3 or 4 weeks before he'd walk anywhere else. When we are home, he's a busy little dude, which I love! When we are out and about, he loves to be right in my arms where he feels safe. Oh, how this little boy knows how to melt my heart.

This is the kind of thing we catch him doing...thankfully he's usually a pretty good listener.

We acquired a cat from Dan's brother, which has been fun. He's such a nice cat and is a great mouser! Wedly named him Farley. Thankfully he was already an outside cat, so he didn't have a rude awakening coming here (I'm just not one for inside pets...). We found that Gabe LOVES animals. He just laughs and laughs whenever he sees the cat. He chases him around as much as he can. We also got to be around a dog for awhile at Dan's brother's house. The dog is a bit jumpy and excitable, but is tied up, so I brought Gabe over to him, just out of reach. The more he jumped  and barked at Gabe, the more Gabe loved him. We got a couple of pretty cute videos. We just might need to get a dog in the near future. 


Back over Memorial day we had our first camping trip. It was wonderful to get to hang out with old friends. Usually we raft, but this year's theme was relaxation. We hung out, took naps, played corn hole, and got in a round of golf at the local golf course.


Our team kicked some royal hiney. Oh yes, we did! It could have something to do with a certain high schooler on our team, who also happens to be on the golf team. Just maybe. 


A couple of weeks ago we had VBS at our church. The week before was spent getting the church ready. It was such a great time for Wedly and I (Gabe wasn't quite as much of a fan, most days...he got over-tired). I was so impressed with the kids. There were probably around 20 kids of all ages running around at any given time and I did not hear a cross word between them the entire week. There were some bikes floating around the gym, so there were a few times I heard conversations trying to figure out whose turn it was, etc...but they all handled themselves so well that adult intervention was never required. The older kids were always enthusiastic about including the younger kids (they adored Wedly) and poor Gabe (whom they also adored) was handled more than he cares for, although he did pretty well with the older girls. It was good for him to get used to other people, because next year when Wedly goes to preschool, I have this feeling that we'll be in the classroom a lot of the days and he'll get lots of loves whether he wants them or not!  The only tears I got all week from Wedly were tears of disappointment when we had to leave and head home for naps. As a mom it was awesome to see Wedly make some great friendships with some truly wonderful kids. It was also a really great week for me! I was able to spend some time with some close friends of mine and also made some new friendships. It was such an encouragement and was lots of fun to serve and fellowship at the same time.

The following week was VBS and Wedly did amazing! He is such a people person and loves being with other kids. I was so proud of him. His teacher had such wonderful things to say about him and told me that he was the only kid that, upon receiving his snack, offered to share it with the kitchen helper. Seriously, you just don't get any sweeter than him. And to witness a couple hundred kids altogether dancing and worship under one brought tears to my eyes. So thankful I was able to be a part of it! Here they are on crazy hair day!