Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was just reading in Luke 13 about the barren fig tree. It is the story about a fig tree that for years produces no fruit, so he goes to the vinedresser and tells him that the tree is a waste of space and should be pulled up. The vinedresser pleads the case of the fig tree and says he will fertilize it with manure and give it another chance. The vinedresser desires to show grace, but what is needed to bear fruit is some manure. Manure is an interesting thing, because it's not intuitive that it would be helpful in any way, and yet it is. It stinks, you would in no way want to eat it, and yet it helps a plant to produce wonderful, tasty, aromatic fruits and vegetables. I was thinking about the manure in my own life. The things that aren't very tasty and yet have brought about good fruits, the biggest being of course, infertility. It certainly hasn't been has been bitter and hard to bear at times. And yet, it has helped to bear fruit in my life. It has brought me to God to fill me up. It has brought about much fruit in terms of compassion, understanding, and humility. These fruits are difficult to see, because they are a part of my character. I do, however, have a more tangible piece of fruit now that never would have come about without our problems with infertility and his name is Wedly. I'm so thankful for him and although I don't yet know him, I wouldn't change a thing about my past. God has a plan marked out for us and I'm excited for where he will take us!

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