Friday, June 3, 2011

A Disciple.

This is a post, I've been wanting to write for quite awhile now...something I've been contemplating on recently. Not too long ago, I finished reading through the book of Acts. As I read through it fairly quickly, the thing that really stuck out to me was just the overall picture of how much craziness the apostles went through in order to share the word of the Lord. It would seem that all things were stacked against them and yet, the gospel spread like wildfire. And the apostles were willing to go through literally ANYTHING in order to share the message of Christ's love. It was their highest priority. It would seem that nothing else really mattered. Having just read through the all the gospels one right after the other, followed by Acts, I came to know the discples a bit better. Also, I'm doing a Beth Moore study called "The Beloved Discple," which of course, follows the life of John (and thus, some of the other discples as well). Anyway, as I read through Acts, the thought just kept coming to me that the apostles went through a TON of anguish and hardships in keeping the gospel. They treated it as a treasure. And here I too carry this good news message, yet I don't act as though the mission of sending it out is that important. If I were to cross paths with Peter, I would feel so embarrassed because I've done such a poor job of carrying on the job that they started. I'd like to think I'd go to prison for the gospel...I'd face all kinds of threats and yes, even be willing to die for the gospel. And yet, here I sit with peoeple all around me who need God's grace to cover them. The least I could do is share the message with them. Instead I continue on in the business of my life. God, forgive me!

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