Thursday, February 23, 2012

Contractions and a time of rest.

Well, as mentioned previously, I've been having lots of contractions. I think we've decided that this is probably just what my body is going to do. Still, I've been really trying to take it easy here at home. Though I'd give anything for these contractions to go away, simply for the peace of mind that he'll be cooking for many weeks to come, I've been trying to enjoy these weeks of quiet before things get really crazy around here. I've been so very thankful for my husband and my home. Dan has been so supportive through it all and I loved the extra time to read my adoption and family books while sitting in front of our wood stove. And one thing I've certainly learned over the years (this past year in particular), It's that God's timing is always perfect. This baby won't arrive until he has ordained it, just like his conception didn't come until God said the timing was right and just like I know that Wedley will come at just the right time.

God has been so faithful to me and I love looking back at how it's all been orchestrated. While things haven't gone as I would have planned, I'm so grateful that it was HIS plan that came about and not mine. I'm so very thankful that Wedley will be joining our family and I know he wouldn't be, had we been able to have children right away. I'm thankful that we were able to build our house prior to our kids joining us. I just don't think we could have done it otherwise. I'm in awe over the miracle baby that I get to feel wiggle inside of me every day. And I'm really, really, really grateful for these brief few months between our home being completed and our boys joining our lives for Dan and I to focus on our marriage. It's been wonderful having some laid back time to read together, watch movies together, play games together, go on walks and just to build our partnership. My life has been a story of God's faithfulness to his children. May the glory be His!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A good week.

This has turned out to be a particularly good week so far. We had the fabulous news on Monday that within a week or two, Wedley's paperwork should be basically completed and all that will be left is for him to get his passport and visa! Stepanie, our adoption coordinator, estimates that should be done between the end of March and end of April. Course, it's Haiti and thus anything can happen, but still...there's a chance he could be home within a month and a half! I'm ecstatic!! This just lights a fire under my britches to get some stuff particular his room. Dan's been working on a bed for him and I went in on Monday to look at fabric for my mother-in-law to make a quilt. I think I like what I got!

As for pregnancy news, at about 22 (I'm now almost 25) weeks I started having some contractions. Just a few here and there, nothing I should really be concerned about, though they did catch me off guard. Then at 23 weeks, they really started picking up. They told me to go into the FBC if I got more than 5 in an hour, so I did. They were actually coming every 2 minutes. Yikes! My cervix was all closed up, though, so they sent me home and told me to come in if this started happening again. Two nights later, same thing happened, so I went in. Again, they were about 2 minutes apart. Well, I didn't want to be coming in every day or two, so they told me to come in if there was any change in how they felt (pain, bleeding, etc). I've continued to have contractions, but since they haven't changed, have tried to not worry about it (and really, I'm getting more used to the idea of them). Today I had an ultrasound to measure my cervix and thus I got to see my baby too (much more exciting than seeing my cervix, let me tell you!). He looked absolutely beautiful. I just love that little guy. And the best part was that everything looks just fine with my cervix (it's not shortening significantly, so it looks like the contractions are at this point completely harmless). This makes me very happy. Still, because of the contractions, I will be taking a few weeks off from work until I get to 28 weeks gestation. So, even though it feels like I've got a lot to do to get ready for our boys, I will be taking things very slow until numero dos is a little more cooked.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Life update

Sheesh...I guess I forgot about this blog. So much has happened in life since I last posted. BIG things! We've moved into our house (YIPEE!!) and most importantly are expecting our second little boy! I should just tell the story. Back in September, we were wrapping up some last minute details on the house and getting ready to head to Haiti to meet our son, Wedley, when I noticed that I was feeling a little strange. The main thing I noticed was that I was literally having to run to the restroom at least every hour (I'm the girl who, if it's busy enough, can go an entire 12 hour shift at work without going to the bathroom. I know...bad girl!). Hmm...I thought something is up and it doesn't feel like an infection. Well, i've taken pregnancy tests before and only ended up disappointed, but shoot, I decided to run to the dollar store anyway. So, the next morning, before jumping in the shower out at our property, I took the test. Left the room for a few minutes and came back to see one dark pink stripe and a much lighter, but still present, second pink stripe. "What? You've got to be KIDING me!" I said to myself over and over again. I laughed and cried and praised the Lord. And because I wondered if you could really trust a pregnancy test that costs $1, I ran to the store and bought a digital, fool-proof one and tried again. Sure enough it said the glorious word "pregnant." I couldn't believe it. Just absolutely couldn't believe. So, that evening (not sure what exactly we had going that night, just that we were doing something and didn't really have a chance to ourselves until we fell into bed that evening), I pulled out the pregnancy test and handed it to Danno. It was really dark in the room and he had absolutely no clue what it was. I finally had to go turn on a brighter light so that he could have a good look at it. I think he said something like "What??? Really???" And of course we hugged and kissed and stared at each other in disbelief...and then said over and over again, let's not get our hopes up. And of course, we had to keep that in mind for months and months. We still do. But there was a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, this time it would stick. It's funny, though...since I've experienced a few losses, I was pretty careful not to get too incredibly attached at first. I know it sounds awful, but I just couldn't let my heart go there. I only told a few people, we didn't take any pictures for a long time, and I really didn't do any journaling about it. It's just taken a long time to come to the point where I can let myself dream that this baby might someday smile at me, call me mommy, and that I might come to know his personality. And now here we are in February and I'm 6 months pregnant. It's been amazing and scary at times (I'll try to post more on some of the details in another post). Mostly, we are just in awe of what God has done and is doing in our lives. We yearn for the day when we can hold both of our boys in our arms and under our roof.