Thursday, February 23, 2012

Contractions and a time of rest.

Well, as mentioned previously, I've been having lots of contractions. I think we've decided that this is probably just what my body is going to do. Still, I've been really trying to take it easy here at home. Though I'd give anything for these contractions to go away, simply for the peace of mind that he'll be cooking for many weeks to come, I've been trying to enjoy these weeks of quiet before things get really crazy around here. I've been so very thankful for my husband and my home. Dan has been so supportive through it all and I loved the extra time to read my adoption and family books while sitting in front of our wood stove. And one thing I've certainly learned over the years (this past year in particular), It's that God's timing is always perfect. This baby won't arrive until he has ordained it, just like his conception didn't come until God said the timing was right and just like I know that Wedley will come at just the right time.

God has been so faithful to me and I love looking back at how it's all been orchestrated. While things haven't gone as I would have planned, I'm so grateful that it was HIS plan that came about and not mine. I'm so very thankful that Wedley will be joining our family and I know he wouldn't be, had we been able to have children right away. I'm thankful that we were able to build our house prior to our kids joining us. I just don't think we could have done it otherwise. I'm in awe over the miracle baby that I get to feel wiggle inside of me every day. And I'm really, really, really grateful for these brief few months between our home being completed and our boys joining our lives for Dan and I to focus on our marriage. It's been wonderful having some laid back time to read together, watch movies together, play games together, go on walks and just to build our partnership. My life has been a story of God's faithfulness to his children. May the glory be His!

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