Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A good week.

This has turned out to be a particularly good week so far. We had the fabulous news on Monday that within a week or two, Wedley's paperwork should be basically completed and all that will be left is for him to get his passport and visa! Stepanie, our adoption coordinator, estimates that should be done between the end of March and end of April. Course, it's Haiti and thus anything can happen, but still...there's a chance he could be home within a month and a half! I'm ecstatic!! This just lights a fire under my britches to get some stuff particular his room. Dan's been working on a bed for him and I went in on Monday to look at fabric for my mother-in-law to make a quilt. I think I like what I got!

As for pregnancy news, at about 22 (I'm now almost 25) weeks I started having some contractions. Just a few here and there, nothing I should really be concerned about, though they did catch me off guard. Then at 23 weeks, they really started picking up. They told me to go into the FBC if I got more than 5 in an hour, so I did. They were actually coming every 2 minutes. Yikes! My cervix was all closed up, though, so they sent me home and told me to come in if this started happening again. Two nights later, same thing happened, so I went in. Again, they were about 2 minutes apart. Well, I didn't want to be coming in every day or two, so they told me to come in if there was any change in how they felt (pain, bleeding, etc). I've continued to have contractions, but since they haven't changed, have tried to not worry about it (and really, I'm getting more used to the idea of them). Today I had an ultrasound to measure my cervix and thus I got to see my baby too (much more exciting than seeing my cervix, let me tell you!). He looked absolutely beautiful. I just love that little guy. And the best part was that everything looks just fine with my cervix (it's not shortening significantly, so it looks like the contractions are at this point completely harmless). This makes me very happy. Still, because of the contractions, I will be taking a few weeks off from work until I get to 28 weeks gestation. So, even though it feels like I've got a lot to do to get ready for our boys, I will be taking things very slow until numero dos is a little more cooked.

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