Monday, March 12, 2012

30 Years Old

I've entered my 4th decade and it feels good! My 29th year was one to remember and I think this coming one will be even more special! The biggest highlights of the year include: 1. Major progress in our adoption, most importantly, knowing who our son would be: Wedley Etienne Stuart. 2. The blessing of our pregnancy! I can't believe I'm 29 weeks along, praise God!! 3. Completing our home and moving in! 4. Dan's new job, that so far he's really enjoying! 5. My new baby nephew, Levi. Such a sweet little guy. It's going to be fun to watch him grow.

God has blessed me so much, sometimes I get overwhelmed by all that he has given me. Things I'm grateful for (many repeats from the above list): #1. My husband. He is such a blessing to me and I can't imagine walking through life without him. #2 My sweet little Wedley. Just today I was looking at some pictures that were taken just after he came to COTP. I can't look at them too long b/c they make me sad...I just wish I could hold, hug and love on that little baby. He's not a baby anymore. And I can't wait to bring that little toddler home to make up for lost time. #3. My other sweet little boy growing in my tummy. The best part of my days are the moments that I get to sit down and watch my stomach jump around from his movements. I can't wait to meet the little guy, but I think there will be a small part of me that will miss having him jumping around inside me. I seriously LOVE feeling him. #4. My parents, brother and sister. Again, what did I do to deserve them? The answer is absolutely nothing, but they are a gift from God that I love with all my heart. They are my family and more importantly, they are my friends and are such a big support for me. #5. Friends. I have so many friends and this year I've been overwhelmed by the love and support of them all. They've helped work on our home, been so excited for us with our adoption and our pregnancy and just in general I've felt very, very loved. #6. My church. A church that aims to love Jesus and follow his leading. Pretty good stuff. #7. I'm thankful for my home. The past couple of years have been so crazy busy building our home, it's so nice to just be settled. I love how cozy it is in here. I love how we've made it ours. I could make a pretty long list of all that I'm thankful for, but it's getting late, so I best call it a night.

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