Sunday, April 22, 2012

Domestic Life

What a beautiful weekend this has been! It has been so nice and we have gotten SO much done, which is great!! Let's see if I can remember everything we've accomplished... Yesterday (Saturday) we woke up fairly early and Dan changed the oil on the Altima, Exped, and Willy (our tractor). While he did that, I did my Bible study, picked up around the house and prepped and cooked a turkey that we had in our freezer. This was somewhat of an all day project, as it took a while to cook, then I took off the meat and made broth out of the bones. I also worked on thank you cards (for my shower), read my CPR book for my upcoming class and did some other online education for my work. Just after noon, we headed to my Aunt Janis's house where we picked up a bunch of rocks my Uncle Leroy has graciously been collecting for us for several years. They are beautiful and I'm excited to use them in our landscaping. After getting home, we mapped out where our yard will be, measured and re-measured where we were going to put our sprinklers. Dan did all the brain work on this. I just helped him with the measuring tape. I also staked a whole bunch of the trees that we planted a year ago as well as this year that weren't looking very good and were falling over. Hopefully this will help them survive the summer. I'm not very hopeful. In the afternoon I also was able to weedeat our blueberry bushes. It felt so good to get so much accomplished and my body did pretty well with it. I had some contractions walking up and down the hill to work on the trees, but for the most part I was okay. The evening they came on more frequently and stronger, but they were manageable. The only bummer part of yesterday was our expedition started leaking transmission fluid. Boo! More on that later. Today, we woke up to beautiful blue skies again and headed off to church. It was a great service, but we weren't very successful at getting out immediately. We headed to Home Depot after a bit and picked up some sprinkler parts as well as the trencher and headed home. I was pretty tired, so while Dan worked the trencher I took a little nap, then headed outside to finish staking trees. I just have to say I have the hardest working husband I know. I admire him greatly for his ability to take on big projects. He's good at figuring things out intellectually and he has the gumption to do all the manual labor as well. He's been out there since we got home working himself like crazy. Tomorrow he's going to be tired, no doubt.
While he's been putting in trenches, I finished taking care of the turkey broth, made some bread (a recipe my brother recommended from the website Pretty good stuff. I also finished making cheez-its. I had made the dough a couple of days ago and got them in the oven and baked today. They are really good, though I'm not sure I'd make them super often. The recipe is from a book called "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter," a cookbook my brother and sister-in-law got me. I love it and it's been so fun making random things. Other things I've tried from the cookbook are peanut butter and yogurt. Other things I'd like to try from the book are almond butter, hot cocoa, vanilla, salsa and a few other things. It's a really fun I've been reading through cover-to-cover. Anyway, here are some pictures of my recent endeavors. Maybe this is my form of nesting. Cooking rather than cleaning.
Peanut butter. So easy and will definitely continue making!
Plain yogurt. Also fairly easy and so good with strawberries and honey.

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