Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on the boys

Well, I've been waiting to post because every day I have kept thinking that maybe, just maybe we'd finally get some Wedley news. We finally got some news yesterday, though it wasn't exactly what we were hoping for. Turns out that we had some mis-information. That in fact, he's only just now entering into the passport phase and that it looks like he'll probably be getting his visa appointment right around my due date (May 25). We will have to wait until after the baby is born for Dan to go pick him up. I'm so excited to bring that little guy home, but I have peace regarding the new timeline. I was feeling a little stressed about the potential of me going into labor while Dan is gone and then having to figure out taking care of a newborn (in particular breastfeeding) all the while feeling torn and like I need to spend my time bonding with Wedley. This way I can more easily figure out the routine with my newborn. I'm hoping it'll be best for Wedley too. I was looking forward to getting to know him without being distracted by a newborn for at least a few weeks, but this way, he'll only have one major adjustment to make, rather than coming and trying to adjust only to be thrown for another loop. Alls I can do is trust that this is God's perfect timing.

As for our other boy, I'm so thankful to say he's still inside me kicking away! Over 10 weeks ago I was so scared that I might deliver early because of all the contractions. Now I'm just a few days short of being 35 weeks! Hallelujah!!! He just needs to make it a few more weeks and I think he'll probably do just that.

Here I am at 29 Weeks along and so very happy.

We continue to feel more and more ready for our boys. I was so incredibly blessed by my friends and family at a couple of showers over the last few weeks. They were so fun and I really did feel "showered" by all the love and support. My sister, mom and friends Wendy, Darla, Carrie and Kari hosted some wonderful parties!

Making some Haitian food with Wendy and Darla!

32 Weeks along!!

In other news, I wanted to post a picture of my sweet little nephew who is now almost 3 months old. I can't believe that much time has passed and I'm just now writing about it on my blog! Not that I'm a faithful writer, but still... He's a really sweet little guy and will reward you with a smile when you look at him.

And this one is just for fun. A seahawks game we went to earlier in the year.

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