Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dan is in Haiti!!!

Yesterday Dan left for Haiti. It was so surreal. We've been waiting for this day for SUCH a long time. This morning (afternoon, Haiti time) he arrived at COTP. I got a quick e-mail from Nikki's phone saying he arrived safely, but the internet is down and he'd e-mail me when it was back up. I am so excited to hear how his first day went.

We've been doing well here, Gabe and I. Last night we spent the night up at mom and dad's cause Heidi and the boys were up there. It was a fun evening and a great day! Gabe slept great and has been much less fussy. And he smiled 4 times that evening! It was so exciting since we've only seen him smile a couple of times. It was pretty darn cute. We just wish Dan could have been there to witness it. We sure are missing him!!!

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