Friday, June 29, 2012

Dan's Adventure: Day 1

6/27/12 - 7pm

Well a milestone in this family adventure arrived today. After lots of wondering when it would actually come, being busy with so many areas of life to help pass the time, trying to manage efforts at work not know when the time would come, and spending a hopefully adequate amount of time preparing for it, it is here. Thanks to a decent itinerary was able to work a good chunk of the day and then also finish getting ready before snagging an evening flight out for an eventual red-eye to Miami and then Port Au Prince. Side effects of booking travel late and having to pay a little more for it was getting first class seating on 2/3 of the legs (both directions). I won't complain, although as I sit in my wide seat with shoulder and leg room I do feel a little snobbish. We've got it pretty good.

It's going to be a different experience not traveling with my best friend and travel companion of the last 9.5 years - I miss you already babe. But knowing she is at home doing a tremendous job taking care of our wonderful Gabe offers some consolation. We were talking on the way in that sometimes we have to split the duties now as our family grows. I'm going to miss a week plus of Gabe's rapid changing and she is going to miss the initial transition with Wedley. She got the short end of the stick a little, but obviously we wouldn't trade the way it has turned out for anything.

So here I am, sitting in first class on the first leg of 4 to make it to Cap Haitien tomorrow mid-day. What will meeting Wedley be like this time? Will he know who I am? What will it mean to him? What will be going through his mind? How shocking will all the new things be for him. How hard will it be for him? Will his grief start soon or be something we deal with later on? Will he quickly attach to me or will it be a very long process. How will changing a 3yr old's diaper on the airplane be? All questions that will soon answer themselves to one degree or another.

Well - time to make landing preparations, I'll take in a little more of the book "Inside Transracial Adoption" and see what I can absorb to be the best adoptive parent I can be.

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