Friday, June 22, 2012

One Month Old!

Our little Gabriel turned 1 month today. What can I tell you about this little bundle of joy?
-He has such long blond hair and it’s almost always the first thing people comment on.
-He has dark blue eyes and long blond eyelashes.
-He is long (a week ago he was 22 inches long) and has been gaining weight fairly well. At the doctor’s office yesterday he was 9 pounds 13 ounces, though he did have a cloth diaper on and a onesie.
-He is starting to coo a bit.
-I got my first smile (well, it looked like a genuine smile to me) on Wednesday. And it was witnessed by Dan. I’ll admit, it made me cry.
-He nurses every 1 to 2.5 hours, pretty much around the clock. This boy LOVES to eat!!! Last night was the first time that I got to sleep for a stretch of 2.5 hours and it was awesome! The other blessing there is that he’s starting to be okay with sleeping in his co-sleeper at night. In the morning after Dan gets up for work, I pull him into bed with me and we sleep a bit longer.
-He pretty much refuses to take a pacifier… He just isn’t easily tricked and wants the real thing.
-We pretty much have no schedule. When he cries, I feed him and he is almost always soothed. The only time that doesn’t work is when he is having gas pains. I am trying to figure out if my diet is the culprit of that (not fun!)
-We like to take family walks in the evening to the bottom of the road and do so almost every evening.

-He has such a strong neck. He can hold his head up on his own for such a long time! And when he’s awake and not nursing, he loves to have his arms going. He is a boy in motion and it makes me a little nervous for when he becomes mobile.

-He is not such a fan of bath time, though he’s getting better each time. He does love to have his hair washed under the faucet. He gets these big eyes and is so cute!
 We are loving watching this little boy grow!

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