Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Haircut time!

The first haircut went pretty well! He looks worried in these, but really he did great! He's a handsome boy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to work

Today was Dan's first day working since Wedly came home. Thankfully he was able to work from home, so it was a nice transition as he was still able to have lunch with us and it made for not quite such a long day b/c his drive time to and from work is so long. So we were able to see him in the morning, at lunch and for a couple of quick breaks. Dan woke up in the six o'clock hour, so at seven, when Wedly woke up and saw his daddy wasn't there, he immediately asked about him. I told him daddy had to work today, so we wouldn't see as much of him. He seemed to take it okay and snuggled in with me for awhile before we headed out to make some breakfast. Wedly was SO excited when he came up from his office at 5. He got even more excited when Dan decided to do some mowing on the tractor with him on his lap.

I must say, Wedly, Gabe and I had a pretty good first day. After breakfast we left for a walk down the road. I tried to jog a little bit of it (which Wedly loves), but there are some steep hills that would be impossible to jog with two kids in a stroller. It was pretty sweet as I trudged up the steepest hill, Wedly looked back and said "Good job, mommy!" One thing that really makes my heart smile is whenever we round the bend to where you can see our house, Wedly starts saying "Mommy, home! Mommy, home!!"

After breakfast, we played for awhile and then made some Zucchini bread. Wedly really loves to be a part of whatever it is we are doing. He loves to help out. I got all the laundry done today and had Wedly help me put it away, which meant folding some things a second time, but boy did he want to help!

I'm really hoping and praying I can find a good balance as far as the time I spend with each of the boys. Of course in normal circumstances the older child is secure in his relationship with his mom by the time a baby comes around, so when the mom has to spend a lot of time feeding and caring for an infant, it's not too big of a deal (the elder child may not like it, but you know they'll make it unscathed). Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury. I find myself feeling very torn, like I need to give all my attention to Wedly who needs to learn to love and trust me, yet that isn't possible. Gabe needs a great deal of attention too! And I find myself missing Gabe a lot when I put so much focus on Wedly. It feels like I'm spending a lot of time just trying to get him to go to sleep so I can focus completely on Wedly, rather than stopping to enjoy his quiet awake times. It is hard not to feel guilty! My world pretty much revolved around Gabe's needs prior to Wedly coming and I loved the time I had with him, so it hasn't been easy to give some of that up. For example, when feeding Gabe, I try to read and play with Wedly, so even though I'm spending that time with Gabe too, it doesn't really feel that way to me. Anyway, it's just the nature of things right now. I'm just praying that what I have to give will be enough to fill each boy's love bucket, so to speak. :o)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Our friends, Nick and Nikki,  coined the term "Wedlish" while he was living with them in Haiti. It refers to his own style of English. One we can sometimes understand, sometimes not. We've been seeing his vocabulary grow every day, but he still doesn't put his words into sentences very often. And it's a little hard to tell how much he understands of what we are saying to him because a lot of times he just repeats back to us the last word that we said to him. When we ask him a yes/no question, it means yes if he just repeats the last word, and no if he adds a no before what we ask. For example, if we ask him if he would like some grapes, if he just says "grapes," that means he would like some. If he says "no grapes" then he doesn't want any. It works most of the time. But then we wonder how much he understands when we ask him how he is doing and he says "doing." Or if we ask him what color is the basketball and he says "basketball." For the most part I think he understands us fairly well and we him, though several times a day, he'll repeat something to me over and over again and finally I'll ask Dan what he is saying and we'll both just shrug our shoulders not knowing.

He does say some pretty cute things though. The other day we were driving through the woods and he looks out the window and says "Mommy tree!! Mommy Tree! Two Trees!" Well, yes, I guess there are two trees in the forest. Or when looking at a bag full of carrots today "Mommy, two carrots!" Funny thing is, he knows how to count and would be able count up and tell me there are more than just two carrots.

The other day he had some yogurt on his plate for lunch, which I had set outside on our table on the deck. Dan and I were at the sink grabbing our drinks and Wedly comes running in yelling "Daddy, Yogurt!! YEEEAAAHH!!!!! Oh, thank you daddy!!! Thank you mommy!!!" Then he runs up and gives a big ol' hug to both of our legs.

If he ever asks you for ice cream, chances are, he's just wanting some ice. For grandma Kathy he says "grandma Happy." He has a super hard time with any word that has the letter S in it. Just ask him to say a word like "glasses" for you and you won't have a clue as to what he is saying. It comes out something like "Glah Glek."

Sometimes Wedly starts going a bit crazy. He reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil. He starts running around in circles and speaks total jibberish. It's usually when he's tired, like just before naptime, or when he's super excited about something. He may not have a large vocabulary, but he does make use of the words he knows. He loves to talk when he's in a familiar environment!!

We will see how things go in the next couple of months as far as his language is concerned. There are definitely times I wish he were better able to express himself, but at the same time am enjoying this aspect that makes him seem a little more like a baby, since we missed all of his babyhood and most of his toddlerhood.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 months old!

Gabriel is 2 months old today and incidentally, today also marks the two week mark for Wedly being home. Here’s what’s going on with Gabe:

-Gabe weighs just over 12 pounds (60th percentile) and is 23 3/4 inches long (78th percentile). We had his 2 month well-baby checkup with the kids' provider (who also happens to be our friend, Allison) and Gabriel is doing great!

-He still absolutely loves to eat. If I’m lucky, I’ll get one 3 hour stretch at night where we both sleep, but 2 hours is more common and usually in the morning hours (3 am to 7 am) he wakes up every hour to nurse. I sleep through the early morning feedings so I think he is probably waking to nurse and is falling asleep fairly quickly, so is not getting full, therefore is waking up a short time later still hungry. I don’t really know, cause I’m asleep! ;)

-His hair just keeps getting longer. I’ve been expecting it to fall out, but it hasn’t yet. Maybe he’ll get to keep his blond locks.

-We are getting more and more smiles every day (melts my heart!!) and his little coo’s are pretty sweet. Just tonight after putting Wedly down for bed Gabe was laying on our bed “talking” rather loudly. I was torn between enjoying hearing his voice and wanting him to be quiet so he wouldn’t keep Wedly awake. I can usually get some good smiles particularly in the morning.

Smiling at Daddy
-He hasn’t seemed too affected by suddenly gaining an older brother. So far, Wedly hasn’t paid a whole lot of attention to Gabe, though the last couple of days he’s talked a lot more about him. I imagine that as Gabe becomes more interactive that Wedly will enjoy spending more time with him and in return, Gabe will be entertained and enjoy his older brother. Time will tell… ;)

-He still isn’t fond of bath time, though he doesn’t scream through it anymore. Just sticks out his bottom lip. Loves his hair washed and rinsed, though (but who doesn't?).

-We call him our little windmill because he loves to have his arms going. He is constantly hitting himself in the head with his hands. He has to be swaddled at night because of this – he keeps himself awake.

-In general he’s so much more interactive – more eye contact, trying to talk, etc. which is fun. It’s fun to see a bit of his personality coming through. The change came on fairly quickly while Dan was in Haiti, so it was neat for Dan to come home and experience his baby boy.

-He gets the hiccups all the time.

-He loves a good stretch (like his mommy) and when he stretches he sticks his little behind way out and turns his head to the side (I am recording this for my own memory, not that anyone would care...it's just a Gabeism I don't want to forget :o))

That’s all I can think of for now. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Hangin' with gramma Kathy

As my dad calls it - his famous bottom lip

Walking the property

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our first pool day.

While living in Haiti, Wedly spent a lot of time in the pool that Nick and Nikki had on their deck. If I were living there, I think I'd pretty much live in the pool too. We bought a pool prior to Wedly coming home, but I wondered if he'd enjoy it as much here with the cooler temperatures. Even though it's been warm here (around 80 degrees), the feel-like temperatures in Haiti have fairly consistently been about 20 degrees warmer than here (it is very humid there!). None-the-less, Wedly loved spending time in our little pool. He helped fill the pool up and then wanted to spend the rest of the day in it. We even had to talk him into getting out of it for dinner (weird!) and were able to do so by telling him he could get back in after dinner was over, which he did. The pool was fun for all of us (well, minus Gabe) and I imagine we'll spend many an afternoon in it. Here are some pics from our first pool day.

Hanging pool-side

Keepin' cool in the shade.

A break for dinner.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A few pictures to make you smile. :o)

Week 1!

I can’t believe over a week has gone by. We are getting into a bit of a routine, though it’ll have to change fairly significantly once Dan heads back to work. L I’m enjoying having him home, for sure!

A few of the highlights of this week are that Dan decided to start building his woodshed. It’s going really well and will be so nice to have a place to store our wood close to the house this winter. Monday night I got a nasty stomach bug, so was in bed all day Tuesday and a good portion of Wednesday as well, so I didn’t get to join in on the fun. The cool thing is that the woodshed is going up just outside our bedroom and with the windows open I was able to listen in on Dan and Wedly’s conversation. I found myself chuckling a lot. I’m sure progress is a lot slower than it could be because there are lots of breaks for playing. Wedly really seems to enjoy working alongside Dan with his own shovel or “chubel” as he calls it. And who would have guessed how often planes fly overhead? I never knew how busy the airspace is above Woodland. I think Wedly hears every single one and excitedly points them out.

I’m so glad Wedly was able to come home during our summer. He’s been able to comfortably adjust to our weather, though after one day he got a cold and has had a runny nose and watery eyes for several days now. We’ve been spending almost all of our awake time outside. As mentioned before, he loves working with his shovel and wheelbarrow as well as his dump truck. I’ve been loving playing soccer with him and I must say, he’s pretty good at it! I enjoy it because it’s something I can do while holding Gabe, who gets fussy quickly when he’s not moving (or I guess I should say when I’m not moving). Basically I kick the ball across the yard, Wedly runs after it and dribbles and kicks it back to me. We have a good time.

We’ve tried keeping somewhat of a similar schedule to what he had in Haiti, so I’ve tried a few times to do a little preschool with him, which he attended in Haiti. It’s not much, but we are working a little on his letters, numbers and colors. We color together, or do play dough.  I’ve also had him help me with cooking and baking when it’s practical. We made bread together (Uncle Jeff’s recipe J).

Well, that’s a basic synopsis of the past week. I think we’re all doing well. Wedly has a very upbeat, happy personality, which makes it easy to genuinely like him. He loves to giggle and run around, but also enjoys sitting down to be read to. The only times he gets quiet and solemn is when he’s around people he’s not familiar with (which is everyone besides the two of us at this point).  It’s been fun to witness him experiencing new things. He seems to slow down and just take everything in. I wish I could enter into his little brain to see it all through his eyes. It’s crazy to think of all the changes he’s going through!

Our first family movie night - was a hit!

Monday, July 16, 2012

First Day Home

Well, our first day at home went really pretty well! Considering his lack of sleep from the long travel days, I thought he might sleep in a bit, but the day started out fairly early (6:15 – which I guess is 9:15 COTP time). Wedly woke up in a great mood. Dan made him a bowl of Cream of Rice which he ate without problem. We opened a few doors to get the cool morning air into the house and he found a circle he could run through the house and out onto the porch and then back into the house. There is one place just before coming into the house where I couldn’t see him, so he’d stop and say “mommy! Mommy!” and I’d say “Where’s Wedly?” and he’d start laughing before running in and doing the loop again.

Some of the highlights of the first morning were playing trucks (the dump truck, a train made of blocks, etc.), wrestling, hide and seek, and being tossed around by daddy (which he LOVES and mommy loves too, because he giggles and giggles and it really is the cutest thing ever). We also got out the tricycle, which hadn’t been assembled, so Dan and Wedly set that up and he played with that for awhile. For lunch we ate sandwiches and apples (which has become a frequent snack request) and then he laid down for a nap – a three and a half hour nap! I’ve come to find that this kid LOVES his nap. When we tell him it’s nap time, he follows us and jumps into bed. I have been laying down with him (such a sacrifice!), so he usually watches me while I get Gabe settled and shut my eyes, then the next time I peak he’s shut his eyes and is well on his way out.

After he woke from his nap, he and Dan played a bit more while I prepared dinner. He’s a good little eater, for sure, though in typical kid fashion, took a bite or two of salad and then picked his way through it finding the things he liked (like cucumbers). After dinner, we decided to take a walk to our mailbox. It was a pretty hot day, so we decided to use the stroller, as Dan didn’t really want to carry Wedly the two-mile round-trip. Wedly wasn’t too keen on the idea, so when he started crying over not being carried, we told him we could stay home or go in the stroller. Later, after a period of time in the house, he decided that the stroller sounded alright and off we went for a nice evening stroll. After getting back we realized it was getting pretty late and after going through the whole bedtime routine ended up getting him to bed close to nine and he wasn’t asleep until after 10. Definitely too late considering how little sleep he’d gotten over the last couple of days.

One thing we’ve realized is that he is usually pretty hesitant about things the first time it is presented and then after that becomes alright with trying, for example with the bathtub the first evening, he was absolutely against getting into it. The next night, he hopped right in. Same with the stroller – when first presented he didn’t want anything to do with it and then became excited about going in it. It’s something we’ve needed to remember when we want him to do something. To take it a bit slow to allow him to get used to all the new things surrounding him. He’s doing quite well considering!