Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 months old!

Gabriel is 2 months old today and incidentally, today also marks the two week mark for Wedly being home. Here’s what’s going on with Gabe:

-Gabe weighs just over 12 pounds (60th percentile) and is 23 3/4 inches long (78th percentile). We had his 2 month well-baby checkup with the kids' provider (who also happens to be our friend, Allison) and Gabriel is doing great!

-He still absolutely loves to eat. If I’m lucky, I’ll get one 3 hour stretch at night where we both sleep, but 2 hours is more common and usually in the morning hours (3 am to 7 am) he wakes up every hour to nurse. I sleep through the early morning feedings so I think he is probably waking to nurse and is falling asleep fairly quickly, so is not getting full, therefore is waking up a short time later still hungry. I don’t really know, cause I’m asleep! ;)

-His hair just keeps getting longer. I’ve been expecting it to fall out, but it hasn’t yet. Maybe he’ll get to keep his blond locks.

-We are getting more and more smiles every day (melts my heart!!) and his little coo’s are pretty sweet. Just tonight after putting Wedly down for bed Gabe was laying on our bed “talking” rather loudly. I was torn between enjoying hearing his voice and wanting him to be quiet so he wouldn’t keep Wedly awake. I can usually get some good smiles particularly in the morning.

Smiling at Daddy
-He hasn’t seemed too affected by suddenly gaining an older brother. So far, Wedly hasn’t paid a whole lot of attention to Gabe, though the last couple of days he’s talked a lot more about him. I imagine that as Gabe becomes more interactive that Wedly will enjoy spending more time with him and in return, Gabe will be entertained and enjoy his older brother. Time will tell… ;)

-He still isn’t fond of bath time, though he doesn’t scream through it anymore. Just sticks out his bottom lip. Loves his hair washed and rinsed, though (but who doesn't?).

-We call him our little windmill because he loves to have his arms going. He is constantly hitting himself in the head with his hands. He has to be swaddled at night because of this – he keeps himself awake.

-In general he’s so much more interactive – more eye contact, trying to talk, etc. which is fun. It’s fun to see a bit of his personality coming through. The change came on fairly quickly while Dan was in Haiti, so it was neat for Dan to come home and experience his baby boy.

-He gets the hiccups all the time.

-He loves a good stretch (like his mommy) and when he stretches he sticks his little behind way out and turns his head to the side (I am recording this for my own memory, not that anyone would's just a Gabeism I don't want to forget :o))

That’s all I can think of for now. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Hangin' with gramma Kathy

As my dad calls it - his famous bottom lip

Walking the property

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