Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day # 6


Wedley slept through the night and as of 5:30 was still asleep. When I woke again at 6:30 or 6:45 I looked over and he was awake. He just lays there quietly until he's acknowledged and told its time to get up. We jumped out of bed, did a diaper change and played soccer with the medicine ball again. Next we went out and Wedley wanted to read some books. He grabbed like 6 I think - we sat at the table and read most of them - making sure to get the one with the airplane, it is great because of the airplane and also is a good one to learn some various objects. By 8ish or so Wedley was asking for breakfast pointing to the shelf in the kitchen. I told him we were going to go over and get a bowl from the baby house - he wasn't excited for some reason where for other meals that has been fine. I carried him over and we saw that at the baby house they had some bowls of oatmeal out so i grabbed one and set Wedley down. I started to walk back and he didn't follow - just plopped himself down. Some sort of sitting strike. He wouldn't come after some beckoning so I went ahead and took the bowl to the volunteer house to see if I could wait him out. He just sat there for quite a while.

Eventually I went back over and he got up and walked back with me. We washed hands and got ready to eat, though he wasn't his enthusiastic self. Then the oatmeal was hot so he was scared to eat it. It was a little hot, but I think it wasn't too hot. But there was no persuading. Several times I walked to the door - and he quickly slipped out of his chair to come with me, assuming I was leaving. I came back and he went to get in his chair, but made very feeble attempts and was pretty whiny, wanting help. Nikki said later he's just trying the limits of the new rule maker in his life. In general he was possibly on the verge of a meltdown or fit. Even when just walking, occasionally almost falling over (I remember those days of flopping around a little when things weren't going just my way). I sat down on the couch and started reading, Wedley just stayed on his knees watching everyone (faced away from his food). After probably 15min I came over to him again and somehow he was ready now - so he lined up and went to work. Oatmeal was pretty thin and with his small spoon we had a good cleanup of the table, chin, and chest this morning. After breakfast washed up in the bathroom and put clothes on. Again a minor struggle at first.

After clothes we got our bottles filled and headed to the baby house for singing and prayer. Today's Nanny was a pretty pathetic leader compared to the one we had experienced the other day. :) Spent most of the time jostling with kids moving to sit on my lap - struggle was that the kids are very touchy, grabby, and crawl over you - and my shoulders and quads are good and burnt - so each grab, scrape, or jump on me instigated a bit of a whine by me. Wedley sat with Mateja part of the time and part with me. Adam showed up for a bit (Mateja's husband). Other volunteers held kids as well.

After singing and prayer was over, the school kids went to the main door and put on their shoes before picking up rings on Mateja's rope and walking to preschool. I joined for part of preschool to get a taste of what it’s all about. Mateja does great with the kids. They spent time with Play-Doh, doing puzzles, reading books, stringing blocks on a shoestring, working on their names, singing, went to the playground, and played doctor with some dolls. I was in and out - snuck off to grab some 'breakfast' of spaghetti and sit and read for part of the time. Spaghetti, though strange for breakfast was very good - a bit spicy. At school Wedley could be easily distracted from his work by what others were doing. He definitely is one of the more timid of the students (there were 5 with another that left for a Dr appt in Milo instead). Cindy was the most vocal and capable with most of the activities it seemed. The last part of pre-school I read under the Mango tree - I think my sunburn and the muggy morning were taking it out of me.

When Wedley got back, he spent a few minutes playing with a few toys under the Mango tree and I pulled him on a couple laps in the wagon. Then I suggested it was nap time with very minimal objection. To the room, diaper change and then Wedley got up into the bed, and motioned to me to lay down as well. He fought a little with me asking him to lay down. I grabbed a chair from the table in the dining room and stayed in the room reading. Wedley laid down and was asleep in probably 10 minutes. Just after this Nick just arrived after a long day of flying - he brought over 300lb of cargo (though not all had arrived) - various supplies that he picked up while back on vacation.

While Wedley was still napping Nick, David and I went out and checked out the building progress - they were making good progress getting ready to pour the roof on the new children housing. Additional work had also been going on in Nick and Nikki's house. Nick talked about some of the stuff he brought back - the LED lighting has continued to get much better and cheaper which is huge when their budget for power is limited due to the solar and generator source.
 After Wedley woke up from his nap we again struggled through getting his clothes on, as he saw Nick come into the volunteer house. Our last bit of confusion before the big transition. You could see he was struggling a bit with how to process it (and of course he just woke up). We spent much of the rest of the afternoon playing under the mango tree, walking around the compound playing different things in different areas. We used the baseball bat to hit some nut/fruit things from the trees out back. Wedley had a pretty good swing all things considered. There was also a full compound birthday party for Jerry and one other boy. They bake two cakes and everyone has cake, even all the special needs kids. It’s a special time. Wedley got pretty worried that the cake wasn't going to make it around - patience and food once again often don't go hand in hand, but we made it without breakdown.

A little later we ready another book - "the airplane book" - but today Wedley was even more obsessed with it. Maybe my encouragement of that excitement and that we are going on an airplane is working too well. It was fun, but how many times in one reading can you say "Daddy! Airplane! Airplane!" - I'm guessing 100? (Seriously). And of course he shared with anyone passing near as well. A thunderstorm thought about kicking up - we could hear thunder and lightning and the wind went crazy for a bit, but we never got rain today. Wedley drove a large dump truck down the paths for a while. Then we took it over by the gate where I shopped for a few souvenirs to take home. While I was doing that he was filling his dump truck (for the first part using a cup he found, which shortly thereafter turned out to be the cup of the gate tender. Oops. I made my purchase and we took it back - then stopped and picked up the last bowl of dinner for Wedley. Tonight's dinner anticipation was a surge of excitement for him - he got all giggly and started running for the volunteer house to eat it. He chugged it down while I ate some rice, meat, and plantains left over from lunch.

Tonight the next activity was bath (shower) time, and we've now moved to excitement over it (at least today) - so that is nice progress and trust building. Went well - then tooth brushing. Next I took a gamble and showed Wedley his Zebra backpack for the way home and showed him that his coloring toy was in there and showed him one new toy, the pack of cars. We played with the cars for a while - having races across the floor: "1,2,3....." - we'd each roll a car (there are 4). After a bit he slid them all in their "parking spots" and folded it up to put away. He put in the backpack and saw that there were other toys there - but accepted when I told him they were for later. My hope is that I can introduce them to him a little through the next few days and then he can play with all of them on the trip home. Next we went to the laptop and I put on Boz (animated kids musical DVD) and we tried the double earphones. He was fine with using them and they seemed to work fine - it was one that he knew because he sang along with some of the songs. We just watched for 10min or so and he accepted when I told him all for tonight. Onto the book reading - same as typical, except that tonight he could contain his excitement and distraction over "Wedley's backpack!". "For Airplane". And then Daddy's backpack. I think he loves that we both have backpacks and seems to be tying the airplane side of it together, though that's hard to know exactly what's going through his mind. Adding to the fun, the picture book with lots of pictures of Wedley and then Sarah and I - he noticed that we were wearing backpacks a lot of the time. He'd say "Daddy's backpack!" Or "Mommy's backpack" - then of course point to his backpack across the room: "Wedley's backpack" - I started to worry if I'd opened up a monster that would compete with sleep, but seems to have turned out ok.

We finished reading, sang, prayed, turned off the lights, and then I sang Amazing Grace and then on the computer letting music play. He's taking longer to fall asleep tonight, but he did have a longer nap today (vs none the last few days). That's where we are - later will Skype with Sarah again - looking forward to that mid-morning time. Tomorrow is the 4th with a Volunteer/staff party in the afternoon. Morning may bring a trip to the Citadel - we'll see if that works out.

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