Monday, July 16, 2012

First Day Home

Well, our first day at home went really pretty well! Considering his lack of sleep from the long travel days, I thought he might sleep in a bit, but the day started out fairly early (6:15 – which I guess is 9:15 COTP time). Wedly woke up in a great mood. Dan made him a bowl of Cream of Rice which he ate without problem. We opened a few doors to get the cool morning air into the house and he found a circle he could run through the house and out onto the porch and then back into the house. There is one place just before coming into the house where I couldn’t see him, so he’d stop and say “mommy! Mommy!” and I’d say “Where’s Wedly?” and he’d start laughing before running in and doing the loop again.

Some of the highlights of the first morning were playing trucks (the dump truck, a train made of blocks, etc.), wrestling, hide and seek, and being tossed around by daddy (which he LOVES and mommy loves too, because he giggles and giggles and it really is the cutest thing ever). We also got out the tricycle, which hadn’t been assembled, so Dan and Wedly set that up and he played with that for awhile. For lunch we ate sandwiches and apples (which has become a frequent snack request) and then he laid down for a nap – a three and a half hour nap! I’ve come to find that this kid LOVES his nap. When we tell him it’s nap time, he follows us and jumps into bed. I have been laying down with him (such a sacrifice!), so he usually watches me while I get Gabe settled and shut my eyes, then the next time I peak he’s shut his eyes and is well on his way out.

After he woke from his nap, he and Dan played a bit more while I prepared dinner. He’s a good little eater, for sure, though in typical kid fashion, took a bite or two of salad and then picked his way through it finding the things he liked (like cucumbers). After dinner, we decided to take a walk to our mailbox. It was a pretty hot day, so we decided to use the stroller, as Dan didn’t really want to carry Wedly the two-mile round-trip. Wedly wasn’t too keen on the idea, so when he started crying over not being carried, we told him we could stay home or go in the stroller. Later, after a period of time in the house, he decided that the stroller sounded alright and off we went for a nice evening stroll. After getting back we realized it was getting pretty late and after going through the whole bedtime routine ended up getting him to bed close to nine and he wasn’t asleep until after 10. Definitely too late considering how little sleep he’d gotten over the last couple of days.

One thing we’ve realized is that he is usually pretty hesitant about things the first time it is presented and then after that becomes alright with trying, for example with the bathtub the first evening, he was absolutely against getting into it. The next night, he hopped right in. Same with the stroller – when first presented he didn’t want anything to do with it and then became excited about going in it. It’s something we’ve needed to remember when we want him to do something. To take it a bit slow to allow him to get used to all the new things surrounding him. He’s doing quite well considering!

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  1. I bet napping together is just wonderful huh? :) Since you love sleep so much. I'm expecting updates like this often for me while I'm in Russia. This one made me tear up a little. Haha, silly me. I'm so glad for you guys.