Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 1!

I can’t believe over a week has gone by. We are getting into a bit of a routine, though it’ll have to change fairly significantly once Dan heads back to work. L I’m enjoying having him home, for sure!

A few of the highlights of this week are that Dan decided to start building his woodshed. It’s going really well and will be so nice to have a place to store our wood close to the house this winter. Monday night I got a nasty stomach bug, so was in bed all day Tuesday and a good portion of Wednesday as well, so I didn’t get to join in on the fun. The cool thing is that the woodshed is going up just outside our bedroom and with the windows open I was able to listen in on Dan and Wedly’s conversation. I found myself chuckling a lot. I’m sure progress is a lot slower than it could be because there are lots of breaks for playing. Wedly really seems to enjoy working alongside Dan with his own shovel or “chubel” as he calls it. And who would have guessed how often planes fly overhead? I never knew how busy the airspace is above Woodland. I think Wedly hears every single one and excitedly points them out.

I’m so glad Wedly was able to come home during our summer. He’s been able to comfortably adjust to our weather, though after one day he got a cold and has had a runny nose and watery eyes for several days now. We’ve been spending almost all of our awake time outside. As mentioned before, he loves working with his shovel and wheelbarrow as well as his dump truck. I’ve been loving playing soccer with him and I must say, he’s pretty good at it! I enjoy it because it’s something I can do while holding Gabe, who gets fussy quickly when he’s not moving (or I guess I should say when I’m not moving). Basically I kick the ball across the yard, Wedly runs after it and dribbles and kicks it back to me. We have a good time.

We’ve tried keeping somewhat of a similar schedule to what he had in Haiti, so I’ve tried a few times to do a little preschool with him, which he attended in Haiti. It’s not much, but we are working a little on his letters, numbers and colors. We color together, or do play dough.  I’ve also had him help me with cooking and baking when it’s practical. We made bread together (Uncle Jeff’s recipe J).

Well, that’s a basic synopsis of the past week. I think we’re all doing well. Wedly has a very upbeat, happy personality, which makes it easy to genuinely like him. He loves to giggle and run around, but also enjoys sitting down to be read to. The only times he gets quiet and solemn is when he’s around people he’s not familiar with (which is everyone besides the two of us at this point).  It’s been fun to witness him experiencing new things. He seems to slow down and just take everything in. I wish I could enter into his little brain to see it all through his eyes. It’s crazy to think of all the changes he’s going through!

Our first family movie night - was a hit!

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