Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th!


July 4th! Strange to be in Haiti vs handing out hot dogs at the Ridgefield Parade.

Wedley had a very hard time going to sleep last night - maybe too much sleep the night before and a long nap. Interestingly he was fine with me leaving at first - I came in and out 5 times or so checking on him, but the last time maybe he was partially asleep though his eyes were open - because when I tried to leave he started crying. After consoling him, I tried to tell him that I was going to go outside just for a minute and come back, but I don't know if he understands that very well. He just kept looking sadly at me saying, "No Outside, No Outside, No Outside please." Over and over. Poor little guy. Finally I just put a blanket on him and laid next to him. Then I decided if I was going to lay there, might as well hold him and so called him over and he laid on me. We both fell asleep.

Woke up and Skype'd Sarah again - worked, though the quality wasn't as good as the previous time. Wedley stayed asleep this time. Morning came at around 7, with me waking up and seeing that Wedley was laying there staring at me. We had a little fun time, tickling and saying good morning. Corn flakes today with evaporated milk. Then he got dressed, in a red shirt and blue shorts to celebrate the 4th. We found his black Crocs that were missing, in my suit case of course, kind of speaks to the state of my suitcase. Wedley took his Zebra backpack out and showed some of the volunteers and then put it back in its place in the suitcase without taking out any of the toys. He shows very good restraint with it and the toys. We went out and read on the patio - the airplane book of course. Said hi to Nick (and others). Then we spent quite a bit of time in the playground scooping rocks. We also made quite a trek around the compound with Wedley pushing the big dump truck, picking up some of the "fruit" that had fallen from the trees in back (same kind we were hitting with the bat yesterday) - putting them in the back of the dump truck.

As it approached time for School we made our way to the front of the baby house. Mateja and the school kids were putting on shoes and started the walk to the school area. When I mentioned school Wedley immediately remembered that he didn't have his water bottle - so it was a race to our room to get it. He then waffled back and forth a number of times whether to stay with me or go to school. He'd say he was going to go and then would get part way there and change his mind. I wasn't sure which was better, though I was kind of hoping for a little break to do some other things. We made it to the gate of the School area and 2 times he changed his mind there, finally we went in and I sat down for a while. I sneaked out after a while, Mateja later said that he definitely struggles a little more than usual right now with me around - feeling that he should be with me.
I caught up with Nick a little checking out the details of his power system (solar, inverters, generators) and various other things that he's put in place to significantly improve the functionality and capability here at COTP. Also discussed up and coming plans that are in the works. Wilson and David and Reekins a little were starting work on routing the cables for the network / server room to hook up the rack, patch panel, and UPS that Nick brought back from the states. Later while the school kids were at the playground I joined them with Nick and Nikki and Mateja as well. Wedley was super excited when I got there and exuberantly went down the slide a number of times and then the zip line 4-5 times with the same intensity. Mickenson was there and was struggling with calling me "daddy" - Nikki kept trying to explain to him that I was Dan, only Daddy to Wedley. On the way back to school, Wedley was again conflicted and we decided he would stay with me. We went and grabbed a bowl of lunch from the baby house which was met with a hyperactive Wedley running back to the volunteer house to eat - he scarfed it. Then we changed a diaper, washed up and he hopped in bed for nap-time.. He said Night Night and I sat in the chair working on my computer. He was probably asleep in 10 minutes.

While Wedley was napping I took the opportunity to read a little and then helped Nick and Wilson mount the rack in the office/computer room. The plan will be tomorrow to take the network down, cut all the wires and splice them and setup the equipment in the rack.

Wedley was up when I came back, laying quietly in his bed. We changed his diaper and got dressed. Shortly later it was lunch time - Hamburgers! They were good. Wedley got to have a snack at the same time to appease his anxiety. Wedley and I took a walk over to Manna - he rode over on my shoulders. After we got over there and walked around for a little bit I put him down. Then he wanted back up, but I asked him to walk with me instead. He disagreed and went on a participation strike - just standing quietly in place. So I told him I was walking over a bit and he could come if he wanted. I went and sat down a good 100' away. He just stood there a good 5-10 minutes - then finally came working his way over to me, picking up a stick along the way and raking a little. When he got to the sidewalk that I was sitting on - he was in a good mood again and started collecting limes and guava's and bringing them to me. He had a great time doing it.

Shortly we were joined by Nick, Nikki, Eventz, and Josiah who took a walk as well. Eventz and Wedley played, running around for a while and collecting more limes. I took some more family pictures of the Stolbergs, with Nikki giving Eventz small pieces of gum to try to make him look like he was smiling. He doesn't like to sit still very long to cooperate.

We walked back and Wedley spent a bunch of time running the big dump truck around and around, he should sleep good tonight. In the meantime the Nannies and all the kids started a playtime in the yard in front of the Mango tree so I spent time taking pictures of Wedley and a lot of the kids.

Nick brought over a BBQ from Manna and lit the briquettes with a large propane torch - getting ready to grill up the feast for the 4th of July celebration. He grilled small steaks, hot dogs, and sausages. David and I guarded the BBQ from all the playing kids. Wedley and I had filled his Big dump truck with guava's and he was still running them around. As the BBQ got closer, Wedley got wind of it and started to whine. I told him it wasn't ready yet. This went back and forth for 20 times and then I quit responding - he kept repeating until eventually he got distracted. We played for a bit more and then it was time for dinner. We washed up and then after Nick leading prayer the group enjoyed the great food that many had worked on. Jell-O, chips, corn, salsa, Pringles, the steak, hot dogs (with buns). Wedley sat on my lap and we shared a plate w/ seconds. After dinner we washed up and then he played truck a little longer. We also took a walk to the far gate which had blown over in the afternoon wind gusts (it’s a large sliding gate with a track that is a little broken - it was pretty windy). Later we used the tractor to put it up (nick) with David and Wilson and I guiding it. Wasn't too big a deal. Eventz and Wedley both enjoyed some time sitting on the tractor.

Next we headed to the house to "see the backpack" and take a bath. Bath went great, Wedley picked a toy out of this backpack - he chose the cars again and we played with them for a bit. Then read 1 book (he is tired of reading the picture book of us, but once we got going he enjoyed it - hoping to stay with it at least till we leave). Then we brushed teeth and combed hair, then read the remaining 3 books. He wanted more of the Bible book, but at the same time it’s a little tough for him - lots of words that he doesn't really follow. I read them anyway - eventually he'll comprehend more. Then we sang the ABCs several times - he is proud to sing it. Then we sang the Wheels on the bus song. Then ABC's one more time, then prayer.

Then hugs and kisses and I shut off the light - did it before opening my computer so it was very dark. Wedley broke into crying. Somehow it is 8:45, so it’s a little late - he should be tired. I consoled him singing Amazing grace, and he stopped after 5min or so. Then now working on my computer as he is figiting and hopefully falling asleep. We'll see how long it takes...

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