Saturday, July 28, 2012


Our friends, Nick and Nikki,  coined the term "Wedlish" while he was living with them in Haiti. It refers to his own style of English. One we can sometimes understand, sometimes not. We've been seeing his vocabulary grow every day, but he still doesn't put his words into sentences very often. And it's a little hard to tell how much he understands of what we are saying to him because a lot of times he just repeats back to us the last word that we said to him. When we ask him a yes/no question, it means yes if he just repeats the last word, and no if he adds a no before what we ask. For example, if we ask him if he would like some grapes, if he just says "grapes," that means he would like some. If he says "no grapes" then he doesn't want any. It works most of the time. But then we wonder how much he understands when we ask him how he is doing and he says "doing." Or if we ask him what color is the basketball and he says "basketball." For the most part I think he understands us fairly well and we him, though several times a day, he'll repeat something to me over and over again and finally I'll ask Dan what he is saying and we'll both just shrug our shoulders not knowing.

He does say some pretty cute things though. The other day we were driving through the woods and he looks out the window and says "Mommy tree!! Mommy Tree! Two Trees!" Well, yes, I guess there are two trees in the forest. Or when looking at a bag full of carrots today "Mommy, two carrots!" Funny thing is, he knows how to count and would be able count up and tell me there are more than just two carrots.

The other day he had some yogurt on his plate for lunch, which I had set outside on our table on the deck. Dan and I were at the sink grabbing our drinks and Wedly comes running in yelling "Daddy, Yogurt!! YEEEAAAHH!!!!! Oh, thank you daddy!!! Thank you mommy!!!" Then he runs up and gives a big ol' hug to both of our legs.

If he ever asks you for ice cream, chances are, he's just wanting some ice. For grandma Kathy he says "grandma Happy." He has a super hard time with any word that has the letter S in it. Just ask him to say a word like "glasses" for you and you won't have a clue as to what he is saying. It comes out something like "Glah Glek."

Sometimes Wedly starts going a bit crazy. He reminds me of the Tasmanian Devil. He starts running around in circles and speaks total jibberish. It's usually when he's tired, like just before naptime, or when he's super excited about something. He may not have a large vocabulary, but he does make use of the words he knows. He loves to talk when he's in a familiar environment!!

We will see how things go in the next couple of months as far as his language is concerned. There are definitely times I wish he were better able to express himself, but at the same time am enjoying this aspect that makes him seem a little more like a baby, since we missed all of his babyhood and most of his toddlerhood.

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