Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gabriel - 3 months!

Gabriel is 3 months – ¼ of a year old already! I can hardly believe it. Here’s what is going on with Gabe…

-He is 14.1 pounds, 25 ½ inches long.

-He has periods where he still likes to eat a lot, but in general is becoming a lot more laid back. Most nights he’ll give me at least one 4 hour stretch of sleep (sometimes 5), then will usually wake up every 2-3 hours after that to eat. One night he gave me 7 hours of sleep, which I couldn’t believe! He only takes little cat naps (a couple of 20-40 minute ones) in the morning, then a longer one in the afternoon (2-3 hours).

-He is smiling and ‘talking’ so much more these days, though it is usually only when we are home and in a familiar setting for him.

-He has rolled over from his back to tummy a few times in the last couple of weeks and often when I find him awake from a nap, he’ll be in a completely different position than when I left him. I don’t know how he does it, but often times I’ll find him perpendicular to where he had been. Here is a picture of one of the times I found him on his tummy.

-He is tolerating bath time and if I work hard can get some smiles out of him during it. I look forward to when he starts really enjoying his baths.  

-Does fairly well in the car, but we've learned to hate red lights even more than before. The poor kid cries immediately once the vehicle stops. Sigh.

-Gabriel loves the vacuum cleaner. When he is fussy it almost always calms him down. I'm thankful for this, since I vacuum fairly often. Maybe the fact that I vacuumed a lot during pregnancy helped get him used to it!

-My sister loaned us a play-gym to use and Gabe loves it, which makes me so happy! It's making life a little bit easier, because before it seemed he was only happy if I was sitting down to hold him. He likes the wraps I have if I'm soon as I stop to do the dishes, or color with Wedly, or anything else, he starts to cry, so it's nice to have found something he enjoys to give me a few minutes break to make dinner, play with Wedly, etc. Here he is enjoying the toys!

And here are a few more cute pictures of him. What a joy he is!

When he's fussy, this'll usually get him to quiet down.

This picture makes me laugh...we went for a walk and Dan had him in a carrier in which he slept for most of the whole walk. When he finally did wake up, though, he was unhappy and needed a change. I'm sure this isn't proper carrying technique, but he sure he enjoyed it! :)

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