Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hiking trip

We went on our first hike as a family and it was nice to get out. We headed to Siouxon Creek trail with my sister's family and my mom. We've been very slow to introduce Wedly to others. We apologize if you are anxious to meet him, but we've found he's definitely not very comfortable around new people and we don't want to bring unnecessary stress to him. So far the only people who've spent any amount of time with him are Dan's parents a couple of times, my parents a couple of times, my sister a couple of times and Joe's family (Dan's brother) once. Each time he's been very shy and hesitant to wander anywhere away from Dan or I (usually Dan). On the one hand I'm really excited for our family to get to know our little man, because he's such a sweet little guy, but at the same time I'm very pleased with his response to hold back and cling to us. Seems like it's a good sign he's bonding well. Wedly LOVES his daddy and whenever we are in a new situation, he sticks to him like glue.

Anyway, before Dan headed back to work, we decided to go on a hike. My sister and her family were heading off on a backpacking trip at Siouxon, so we tagged along with them. Dan carried Wedly most of the way which of course, Wedly enjoyed. At our lunch spot, he stuck close to Dan until the very end when he wandered off a bit with Ben and Sam (who were playing close by). Here are a few pictures from our outing.

Getting ready (note Wedly's placement holding on to Dan's leg)

Venturing off with Benny.

Throwing rocks in the creek!

My beautiful sister, Heidi and her little Levi

Playing with a really neat boat Nate made!


I don't know if my little guy has a tiny head, or if Levi's is extra big!! :)

Sacked out heading home!

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  1. oh how fun!!! and good for Heidi and Nate to go backpacking with their 3 kids!!