Friday, September 14, 2012

2 months with our little Wedly

This past weekend we hit our two month mark with Wedly. It seemed that during this second month, there were more emotional highs and lows than the first for both Wedly and I. Perhaps because Dan headed back to work, or maybe reality is setting in that this is our new normal, or maybe because he's getting comfortable enough to express how he is feeling, but whatever the reason, we've definitely seen a more emotional little boy this past month, which in turn makes me a bit more emotional. I'd still say he's doing extremely well, but considering all that he's gone through during his short life, he's got a lot of baggage to work through. When I look at all the changes he went through, it's hard to imagine how he can begin to trust that we will be there for him the rest of his life. He started out his life with his mom and dad, then after his mom passed away, his dad cared for him along with another relative while his dad was working. After his dad lost his job, he was sent to COTP where he lived in the orphanage. Then a little less than a year later he moved in with Nick and Nikki where he stayed for a little over a year before coming to us. That is a lot of changes in just 3 short years.

I think his favorite past-time is playing in the kitchen sink. I'd be willing to bet that he'd spend the majority of his day there washing dishes and playing in the water if I let him. I actually have to be sneaky about washing dishes, if I want to get them done quickly and without a mess b/c otherwise if he sees me there, he wants to be right there helping. For the most part, I enjoy the company, even if it really makes the job a little longer and harder, it's really fun to see him enjoying himself.

More and more I hear him at the piano playing and singing. If not the piano, he'll find a couple of sticks and start drumming while singing. He's picked up on a few of the worship songs we sing regularly and on our walk the other day it was pretty sweet hearing his voice sing "hallelujah." In the car he requests for music and if we turn it down so we can hear each other better, Wedly will yell out "more music, please!" Probably his favorite song is "We Like to Move it, Move it," from one of his favorite movies Madagascar. Dan will pull it up from the internet and he'll request it over and over again.

This might be typical for any three year old, but sometimes he's super independent and will say "Wedly do it!" when we try to help him with something, then a minute later he's asking for help with something we've seen him do by himself many times before. I think under normal circumstances, the goal is to get your child to become more and more independent, but we need to teach Wedly to depend on us, before he becomes independent. Sometimes this is hard to remember, though. It's just instinctual to want your child to grow and learn to do things on their own.

Language-wise, his vocabulary is really starting to sky-rocket, which is awesome. The only problem is, I was finally getting used to a lot of the words he'd use and was feeling like I could understand him, but all of a sudden I feel like I'm having to tell him fairly often, "I'm sorry, Wedly, but I just don't know what you are asking." after having him repeat himself a dozen times. I just have to tell myself that it'll come.

I try to go on walks with the kids several times a week. While I don't think Wedly loves our trips down the road, he tolerates them just fine and I've found the hour walk to be a great time for teaching Wedly. He spends the majority of the time singing, with his favorite songs being "ABC's" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children." We also work on counting, and other silly little things like the fact that Wedly, Daddy and Gabriel are boys and Mommy is a girl. We also work on memory verses, with our most recent being "Let us not grow tired of doing good" (though that's just part of a verse - I think he's finally got that one down, which is a big deal, since he really doesn't speak in sentences very often, especially longer sentences).

Here are a few cute things Wedly's done/said...
-Wedly was pretending to give me shots with our turkey baster. I said to him "Thank you, Dr. Wedly." He adamately said "No Doctor!" I said, "oh, Sorry!" To which he replied "Wedly Stuart!"
-Wedly was admiring my earrings. I told him "those are mommy's earrings," to which he replied "Wedly earings." Apparently he'd like his own!
-Wedly found his stuffed moose and said "Hi Moose! Hi Moose! How you doing, sweetie?" I guess I do call him Sweetie a lot. :)

That's all I can think of for now, on how our little man is doing. We sure are enjoying him...he brings a TON of laughter to our home.

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