Friday, September 21, 2012

Preparing for the rainy season

We have been busy here at the Stuart household and life has been so good. It has been great being in our new home this past year, but there are tons of projects still to be done. Many of these projects are outdoor projects that are better done in nice weather, so we've been scrambling. I've been doing what I can with landscaping, which I love and Dan has mostly been working on filling up our woodshed with wood to keep us warm this winter. He's also been busy doing other smaller tasks like cleaning our chimney, putting a protecting sealer on the ends of the logs on our house, helping me with some of the bigger landscaping projects (like moving boulders) and many other things. It's been fun work, but we've definitely felt the pressure that the rains should be here soon and then some of these projects will be a lot more challenging. There is something satisfying about putting in a long day of hard work. To do lists can be depressing when nothing gets checked off, but oh-so-satisfying when they do.

working on the woodpile

The other project taking up my time has been canning applesauce. We have friends that have a small orchard. They are in the movie industry, so they are out of town right now down in LA and offered for us to come pick apples. We took them up on their offer and I've spent several days working on taking care of the apples.

This picture almost makes me tear up. Growing up my grandparents had several apple trees that I loved to climb. I'd grab the book I was currently reading, headout to their yard, climb a tree and get lost in my book. Those were great times. It was fun climbing in the branches of an apple tree again.

The loot.

Mom lended her expertise and helped out for a day. It was such fun.

Our friends also have a pear tree, so I picked a few to dry. My wonderful friend, Wendy, introduced me to dried pears (which happen to be best when just barely dried). I can't wait to take these on my next hiking trip! So, this picture is for my friend Wendy, who happens to be in Russia for the next year. Wish you were home, my friend, so we could go on a hike and enjoy this treat! Making these made me miss you all the more!

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  1. Mmm. Well maybe u should dry some more and keep them in the freezer. Then u can have them all winter long! Yum. Looks good.