Friday, September 28, 2012

Visiting the PNP and the Library

Wednesday we had a really quick visit to the nurse practitioner for Gabe's 4 month check-up. His official stats are: 15 pounds - 6 ounces (58th percentile) and 27 inches, which is "off the charts" which basically means above the 95th percentile...I think he's somewhere around the 97th or 98th percentile. He certainly takes after his daddy. He's a healthy and strong little boy and we're so thankful for that.

After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to Costco. We passed by the toy's section and Wedly spotted a Mr. Potato Head. "Look Mommy! Mashed Potatoes!" he said. I'm pretty sure I walked around Costco for awhile with a goofy grin on my face. Kids are just too funny!

Today we made our first trip to the library (the Woodland branch). You gotta love the library. What a great thing for a community to have. It reminds me of a book I read this summer called "Gifted Hands," which is an auto-biography on Ben Carson (a neurosurgeon). He was raised in inner-city Detroit by his single-mother who worked multiple jobs to keep he and his brother clothed, fed and sheltered. At one point in his childhood, his mom told Ben and his brother that they could no longer watch TV, that instead they would visit the library on a weekly basis and read two books each week. She also required them to give her a book report on both those books. Through this he discovered that learning could be fun and he went from pretty much failing all of his classes, to eventually being at the top of his class. This love for learning eventually lead him to be one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world. (There's also a documentary on Netflix on Ben Carson, which is good!) It's pretty neat that books are available and free for basically anyone's use. And Wedly really seemed to enjoy his time there. After an hour and a half, he still didn't want to leave. And we just happened to go at the time they have their storybook reading with the kids, so we joined in on the fun. Our friends Laurie and Angelika showed up too, so it was fun to see them. Along with having a few books read to them, they also had singing and did a craft. We picked up probably a dozen books, which wasn't quite enough, since we read through all but two of them as soon as we got home. I guess we'll have to head back there next week (oh darn!).

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