Monday, October 22, 2012

Gabriel 5 months

Gabriel has grown by leaps and bounds this month, developementally. I've absolutely loved this past month with him. 4 months is such a great age! He's a much happier baby these days and is such a joy to be around. I love snuggling with him and I am trying to get in all the snuggles I can, cause I have this feeling that as soon as he learns how to crawl or walk, he'll rarely want to be snuggled. Here's what's going on with our boy.

-He is 17 pounds even and 27 inches long.
-A few days after he turned 4 months, he started rolling from his tummy to back (he occassionally will roll from back to tummy, but not very often). I had been doing tummy time with him in a little miniature boppy pillow (without it, he'd start crying immediately - seriously hated tummy time!). At 4 months I decided to try tummy time without it. I set him on his tummy and probably 2 seconds later, he was on his back.
-He LOVES peek-a-boo. Lots of giggles with this boy.
-He is very observant and loves to look around at whatever is going on.
-He's getting more selective and wanting to mostly be held by me. We had a board meeting at the church that Dan and I went to. Dan's parents were going to watch the boys at the church, so Dan dropped Gabe off and a couple minutes later I came by with Wedly and Gabe, who had been doing fine, lost it when he saw and heard me briefly, then walked away. This was the first time he'd ever done that and since then, he's pretty much done the same thing when anyone other than Dan and I are holding him.
-When I'm feeding him, he loves to reach his hand up and touch my face. He has really gotten good at using his hands. You can tell he really concentrates hard to get his hands to do what he wants them to do.
-We've started using his Johnny Jump-Up and he really seems to enjoy it. He goes in circles and there is always a ring of drool around him.
-Speaking of drool, it seems the drool never lets up and he loves to chew on things, so I've been watching for teeth, but none have surfaced, which makes me happy.
-As I sit here and type, he is being super cute with his talking. He squeals really loudly, then mumbles really quietly, over and over again.
-His favorite thing to say these days is: "da da da da da da." The other day Dan asked him, "Are you saying Dada?" Gabe's reply: "Ya." It's was too funny, even though it was a complete coincidence!
-He still wakes frequently at night, but again, we are managing. I try to get him to sleep early in the evening, but he's just too wide awake and usually doesn't fall asleep till between 9 and 10 pm. He wakes for the day around 7am (sometimes closer to 8) and then has his first nap at around 9 to 10am. He typically has 3 naps a day (that are usually 45 min to an hour long), though sometimes I can get him to take a 4th. He always wakes up happy. I love to look over at him and see his big grin as he looks at me. Melts my heart every single time.
-He likes to suck on his thumb, but will only do so when he's happy. I wish he would find his thumb when he starts getting worked up at night!
-He has the most beautiful smile around. I'm absolutely biased, but I think we just might have the cutest little baby in the world.

Did you ever watch TV upside down as a kid? He kept pushing off Dan so that his head was hanging down, so he could see the TV. Silly boy!

More and more people are telling me that he looks like me. I think he looks like his Uncle Jeff.

Playing with brother! Wedly is so good with him.

Gabriel, you bring such joy into our lives. We love watching you grow and develop and are enjoying seeing who God has made you to be. Your daddy and I are continually amazed that you are in our lives. We thank God for you every single day!

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