Monday, November 26, 2012

4+ months with Wedly and a happy half-birthday to Gabriel

Our little man Wedly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is using more sentences, some as long as 6-7 words long, which is awesome! A common sentence around here is "Mommy, Wedly do it!" and "Wedly did it!"  Although he typically doesn't say Wedly, he usually pronounces it "Ledy." The other day, Dan asked him if his name is Wedly or Ledy and Wedly said "Daddy, it's Wwwwwedly!" Then he gasped and said "Ledy did it!" One thing I love is that more and more he's been telling us what he wants and/or needs. Fits are a bit more common around here, but as our social worker has told us, this is a really good thing, because normal 3 years old throw the occasional fit when they don't get their way. They have opinions and if they are comfortable, are willing to voice their opinions. Sometimes loudly. So I try to grit my teeth and remember that his occassional fit is a good thing, even if it is frustrating.

He's been doing better eating-wise. He isn't quite as slow as he used to be (though he is still fairly slow) and is doing better with eating his vegetables. He went through a phase of getting really pouty during dinnertime until one of us would pull him into our lap. He still requests to sit in our lap at most meals, but asks for it more appropriately with his words. We try to accomodate as often as possible.

While getting ready for church on Sunday, Dan was upstairs getting Wedly some socks and he grabbed out some white socks. Wedly looked down at Dan's socks, which were black, and Wedly then asked for black socks too. He loves to mimic us in any way possible. In fact, he will no longer use his toddler toothpaste. Every night he points at our toothpaste and says "that one, daddy." So we have to be diligent to make sure he doesn't swallow it. He does a really good job, actually.

We have a little baseball bat and some really soft balls, which we have been using over the past month. He's actually pretty good at hiting it - probably hits it 50% of the time, depending on who is pitching (Dan's a little bit more accurate). What's interesting is he is definitely right handed when eating/drawing, but he typically hits the ball left-handed, though sometimes switches to his right. He also loves his blocks and color-coordinates things nicely. He loves for us to build him helicopters out of his legos and his favorite thing to build himself are semi-trucks.

About a week ago, he learned to draw a person. We got some paints and he was having me draw different people, then he picked up a paint brush, drew a circle and put two eyes and a mouth on it. He then proceeded to draw two sticks off it. When I asked him what they were, he said "hands, mommy!" His first official portrait was of his old preschool teacher Mateja. He loved her very much.

Helping Dan make Sunday morning French toast

Drawing out the Thanksgiving story

"Help mommy!" as he would say

Gabriel also has been growing like crazy. He is 28 1/4 inches long (95th percentile), 17 lbs-12 ounces (55 percentile). He is rolling and sitting really by himself pretty well, which is a development just in the last week or so. He went in for his 6 week appointment and was absolutely adorable with the pediatrician. He had big smiles for her and loved sitting on the exam table in front of the mirror.

I don't see any teeth poking through yet, but he loves chewing on anything and everything - toes, toys, you name it, he wants it in his mouth. We haven't started giving him baby food yet, but probably will in the next month since he's started showing a lot more interest in our eating. I have this feeling he's gonna love it.

He loves the sound of his voice and usually picks one word that he uses over and over for a stretch of a day or two. The last couple of days it's been "da da da da." before that he went through a period of growling,  a period of squealing, and several other different types of sounds. The sounds are getting more and more complex.

I think I need to get a few more toys for him. I only have I think 3 or 4 and he really seems to enjoy them. He plays with such intensity it makes me a little worried about the future and what his personality might be like! He still loves his Johnny Jump Up and enjoys sitting in his high chair with some toys.

His old man denture look. 

There are times where I wish I could go back and hold my little newborn Gabe, but in general, I'm finding that I enjoy my baby boy so much right now as he can interact more and is a bit more easy-going. Bath time, car rides, grocery trips, etc. are all a lot easier these days, which is wonderful!

I think his favorite person (outside of myself and Dan) is my sister. I don't know if it's because we sound and look similar, but she can almost always get some good giggles out of him. He oftentimes isn't super fond of other people, but he loves his auntie Heidi. That said, he's getting more familiar with his grandparents, as well. I left him in the nursery on Sunday and he apparently started getting fussy until his Grandma Kathy came and held him. He also usually has some sweet smiles for my mom and is almost always content with my dad holding him and walking him around.

I'm so thankful for my two little boys. They are certainly well loved by those around them!

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  1. Beautiful! Good details Sarah. You will love reading it later in life. :)