Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God knows when a sparrow falls and when a camera is lost

A week and a half ago we headed out for a few nights at the beach. It was such a fun trip (which I will post about soon), one I will probably remember forever, but it ended on a disappointing note when, on returning home, we realized we had forgotten our camera. And we were almost 100% sure we hadn't left it in the rental house, but had left it on the beach. I was so sad, I actually felt sick to my stomach. And I felt horrible because I had been the last one to take a picture on it. I had been taking pictures of Dan and Wedly wading in the ocean, had set it on the rocks close to our backpack, then had wandered to the car shortly after Dan and Wedly came up to pack things up and head back to the beach house. Dan grabbed the back pack, but didn't see the camera, so it was left.

We then headed back to the beach house where we cleaned up, packed up and headed home. At one point we noted that we weren't exactly sure where the camera was, but just figured we'd find it once we got home. Of course, that didn't happen. After realizing it was gone, I prayed that though it seemed impossible, perhaps could He help us get our camera back and if not, could he put it in the hands of someone else who could enjoy it rather than letting it end up ruined in the ocean. Getting it back seemed a long shot and Dan was such a comfort reminding me that it's just a thing and worrying about it solves nothing, so he told me over and over again, that it was okay, don't worry.

Fast forward about a week and Dan gets a call from our Pastor asking if we'd recently lost our camera. Apparently an elderly man, who has a beach home close to where we left it, had decided to head down to the beach for a quick walk. He wandered down, found our camera, and immediately upon finding it, it started to rain. He tucked it under his jacket and walked back home. He told us he really felt God led him to take that walk down to the beach. Anyway, we had no identifying information on the camera, so he spent the money to put a little blurb in the classifieds in the Oregonian, hoping that we might look there. Then he decided to dig a little deeper, asking his son to come over with his computer so they could look at our pictures on their computer. While there was no clues in the pictures as to how to contact us, strangely enough, there were two small word files on the picture card as well.  Dan isn't sure specifically where they came from, but likely from backing up some files in rebuilding a computer at church.  If you go in Microsoft Office documents you can see some details about the file.  In these files, there weren't a lot of details, but one that was filled in was "Company: Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene".  Having found this "clue", they looked up Ridgefield Nazarene Church and called our pastor asking if there was a family in his church with a little black boy and a little white baby. Well, it was pretty obvious who that was, so Pastor Brian called us and Dan was able to hook up with this couple to pick up our camera tonight!

When Dan knocked on the door, Irma (the wife) asked if he had brought his family with him. She seemed pretty disappointed when he told her he hadn't, so he pulled up Skype on his phone and called us.It took them a few minutes to figure out that they weren't looking at a video of us, but that it was live video phone call! What a joy it was to get to visit for awhile with this couple. They were super excited that after all their efforts, they were able to get the camera back to it's owners. Dave said he just wouldn't have felt right about keeping the camera and really, really was hoping to get it back to us. They were such a sweet couple, married for 59 years with 7 kids and I believe 19 grandkids, yet would love to keep in contact with us, either come to their house again in Portland, or next time we are down at the beach, give them a call to see if they are there and can get together.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I felt sick over losing our camera, but now seeing how it all turned out, I'm so glad I got to live out this story.

And now for a few pictures... :o)

Dave and Irma

Skyping :)

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  1. I LOVE this story Sarah. It's so awesome. It's so cool how God works sometimes. ♥