Thursday, November 1, 2012

Officially the end of a season of my life

Earlier this week I handed in my letter of resignation at my work, so I am officially unemployed. It was harder than I thought it would be, though I know it was the right decision for us at this point. I'm still trying to process through it all. Every social worker/adoption worker we've talked to has advised us that if at all possible, I should stay home because it's such a critical time in Wedly's life as he learns that we are dependable and trustworthy and won't suddenly disappear from his life. So, while I was only working very minimally (basically one or two 12 hour shifts a week), we decided that for the next couple of years I would take a break from work altogether. I imagine that eventually I will go back to work part-time.

I've definitely never been all in one camp as far as whether a mom should work or stay home. I can see benefits to both. I look at the stay-at-home mom's and think that it's really awesome that they are able to spend this time with their kids, molding, shaping and helping their children grow into young men and women. Who else could do a better job than the one who loves them most? And there is an endless amount of 'work' to be done within a home. But then I really admire a lot of the mom's I know that work outside the home, knowing that they love their families just as much as those who are able to stay at home. And that returning to work was a difficult decision for them. While it is important for kids to feel valued and important, I don't think they should feel like the world revolves around them. I think there can be some great lessons a child can learn from watching their mom be committed to a job outside the home. All that to say, I don't think it's a black and white issue. Growing up, my mom worked as a nurse. When we were little, she worked one weekend a month. After we were in school, she worked a little more frequently, though I don't really remember how much. It was always strange to me that there was a major part of my mom's life that I wasn't a part of. But again, I think it was good for us kids to see her committment to our family in this different aspect (financially speaking) and also great for us to have the time solo with our dad. She was a GREAT role model for us!

I enjoyed my work (usually, anyway!) and I worked with some amazing women that I will miss a lot. I definitely won't miss the stress that came at times, nor the early mornings and long 12 hour shifts, often with only a 30 minute break! I was surprised to find that quitting my job was such a humbling experience. I guess I place some value on education and knowledge and being a nurse is a part of my identity, so it'll be strange to start responding to the question "What do you do?" with "I'm a mom." I'm proud of that fact and it's something I've waited for and prayed for, but it's still a change I'm going to have to get used to! As my husband so kindly reminded me, I'm still a nurse, I'm just not currently working. And of course I can always go back! But, for now, it's an honor and priviledge to get to stay home with these two li'l cuties! I don't take that lightly!

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  1. Wow, what a hard decision for you! but a good one that will be rewarding! And of course there will always be a need for good nurses!! :) I have been feeling very humbled about not working as a nurse too right now. My job as an assistant is so simple and dull at times and I feel like telling people, "well, in America, I have an exciting job and do important things!" What a different and good perspective you and I can both have about our jobs and who we are as people. God's children. That is who we really are. love ya! Wendy