Tuesday, January 8, 2013

6 months with Wedly - My how times flies!!

6 months - half a year...is it even possible?
While each month brings about remarkable change in Gabriel, the differences in a 3 year old are a bit more subtle, but certainly there none-the-less. Communication has continued to become more and more easy. He understands pretty much everything and comes up with new phrases all the time and his sentences are becoming longer as well. When I ask him what something is, he'll often say "I don't know what it is!" A six word sentence is HUGE for him. It was just a few months ago that he was mostly just repeating what we said to him and had a limit of 2 word phrases. He is better able to tell me what his needs are and frequently will say "I'm hungry, mommy," which is a fairly new development. And I love how expressive he is with his language. Quite often he will say things like "I LIKE it!" or "that's YUCKY!". His new one in the last day or so is "no way!".

He is also potty trained during the day!! We have been pretty relaxed in our method of potty training. We had been encouraging him to use the toilet and when we remembered, we would remind him throughout the day to try and use the toilet, but he frequently had accidents, so we kept him in pull-ups all day and didn't worry about it if they were wet. A couple of times, thinking he was ready, we switched him to underwear, but that ended up being a frustrating ordeal for everyone and since we are working extensively on bonding, we knew we shouldn't push things, thus harming how he feels about us and we about him. So on the days we found ourselves getting frustrated, we stepped back and let him take it at his own pace, knowing he wouldn't be a 17 year still wearing pull-ups...he would get potty trained at some point. And let's face it...he's had enough major life changes over the past months to have to deal with yet another one. Still, we reminded him when we remembered to and all of a sudden, we started catching him running to the bathroom on his own. He would slip away and then we'd hear a little voice calling "I'm all done!". After a couple of weeks of this, we decided to switch him over to his underwear and so far, no accidents! When we head out of the house where we might not have quick access to a bathroom, we still put him in pull-ups, but while we are here, he's in underwear and I think he feels pretty proud of that fact.

I've also been encouraged by his relationships with his peers. When he first started to interact with other kids his age, he didn't seem extremely interested in playing with them. He did some, just not as much as other kids (at least I think). As he has grown and adjusted to life here, he's become more and more interested in playing with kids, which is wonderful. I was a little worried that as we've spent more and more time with other people, that he would just want to hang out with the adults. It's fine if he wants to be with Dan and I, but we don't really want him to seek excessive attention from other adults. With Thanksgiving and Christmas, we've spent quite a bit of time with other families and when there are kid around, we've found that he's been really enjoying his time with them. He asks often about where his cousins Ben and Sam are, loves his time with his cousin Catherine at basketball (he sometimes gets to tag along when Dan heads out to play basketball), as well as his other cousins, and also frequently asks about his friend Michael. It's been so fun to see him develop friendships.

He is not a fan of clothes, as you can see in the following  picture. Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, it's pretty cold, but getting him to wear much of anything can be quite a challenge. I thought that since he was coming from such a warm climate that he'd be freezing and constantly be needing to wear lots of layers. Turns out that since he's spent the majority of his life running around in just a diaper, that clothing is a bit restricting to him. I can usually get him to wear at least a t-shirt and shorts/pants (though sometimes he prefers nothing), getting him to wear a sweatshirt is extremely difficult!

A couple funny Wedly stories
- About a week ago he witnessed falling snow for the first time during daylight hours. We told him that the white stuff falling were called snowflakes. He proceeded to call them "Corn Flakes."
-While down in Dan's office, Wedly was playing with one of Dan's extra laptops that currently isn't working. Dan asked him what he was up to, to which he replied "I'm working!" Just like his daddy.

I need to do a better job at writing down the funny things he says, cause at the moment I just can't think of them.

The silly boy loves to suck on lemons. Yuck!

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