Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 months!

4 months ago, I was telling my sister just how much I loved the age of 4 months. Her words were, "Just wait until 8 months (Levi was 8 months at the time)...8 months is THE best!" And here we are. Twice his lifetime later. And I must say, I have to agree with her - eight months is pretty awesome!

Gabe is now 29 1/4 inches long and 19.7 pounds. His weight gain has slowed down considerably despite starting him on solids.

He's moving around more and more. We recently got a new rug for our living room and it has really long hair (is that the right term?). Gabe really likes to grab onto the carpet to pull himself along, though sometimes he does the army crawl. He's also started pulling himself up as can be seen in this next picture. I walked into the kitchen to grab something and when I came back, he was standing at the train table. He looked stable enough for me to run back to the kitchen to grab our camera. Watch out Wedly, it won't be long before Gabe will be getting into all your possessions.

Don't mind the high-waters...It may be a common appearance on this boy!

As far as eating goes, he's tried sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli, oatmeal, rice cereal, kale (the only thing he's really NOT liked!), bananas, apples and avocado. His favorites are bananas, avocado and sweet potato. Next up to try is carrots, green beans and maybe white potatoes and squash.

It's been a nice couple of weeks with things slowing down. I've been working on a sleep schedule for him. Well, not a schedule so much as just trying to stay home where I can easily put him down for a good nap when he's tired. Today he took a 45 minute morning nap and a 3 hour afternoon nap, all in his crib! Next up is to try and work on his night sleeping. I just got the book "The No-Cry Sleep Sleep Solution" from the library. I'd like to get Gabe to sleep a little better at night, but just can't tolerate letting him cry it out. I hope that this book gives some good tips on getting him to sleep for longer stretches at night, without it ending with both of us bawling. :o)

Gabe's relationship with Wedly continues to grow. Just tonight Wedly was being goofy with Gabe, which resulted in lots of laughs from both of them. It's so fun to get Gabe to smile and laugh, but I think I might like it even more when I get to witness Wedly making him laugh.

He loves to give kisses to me. He grabs both sides of my face and comes at me with a wide open mouth. We'll just say it's something only a mother could love. If it was anyone besides him, I'd be pretty grossed out by the experience...

Happy boy!!

Hangin' with daddy in his office.

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