Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas with the Stoeps!

As mentioned before, we celebrated with the Stuarts on the 23rd, which left us Christmas Eve to have with just our little family. Since all the Vander Stoep family would be celebrating at our house this year, we used Christmas Eve mostly to get ready for Christmas day, though we did let Wedly open one present. I loved having a day between celebrations to get rested and prepared...made for a stress-free, fun time for everyone involved. We started out the day with French toast, made by Dan. Wedly then opened his gift (a train table which we got off Craigs List). He played with it all day long, while we prepared for hosting. It turned out to be a real hit - he plays with it every single day.

Christmas Day was such a blast! We started our day with Dan and I getting up and ready before the kids woke up. Once they woke up, we had them open their stockings. 

 Most of the family showed up just before 9 am. We ate breakfast  (cinnamon rolls with yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits) and then opened presents. At the Stuart family Christmas, Wedly didn't really seem too caught up in the presents. He enjoyed opening his presents, but wasn't constantly asking for another present, which was SO nice. Then on Christmas morning, when he was opening up his stocking, almost every item he pulled out, he looked at me and said "Wedly's? That's Wedly's?" I kept telling him that yes, that toothbrush (or train, or gum, etc.) is yours! This made for a little bit of a change in him once the presents started coming out from under the tree later in the day. Whenever a new gift came out, he'd ask if it was for Wedly, though he didn't seem too worried about it when I'd tell him that no, that gift was not for him. Frankly, his attitude regarding everything made the day so much fun for Dan and I. He didn't just toss the gifts aside and ask for the next thing...he was excited about those things that he had already been given. It was such a joy to give him some new toys to play with, especially since he really doesn't have a lot of toys at this point. I hope that he is able to keep that same attitude in the years to come. 

Aunt Janis and Uncle Leroy

Oh, I love my mom!

After serenading everyone with a beautiful rendition of "Sisters." 

Auntie Charity

His first Professional haircut! It looks so much better than before!

Opening his Ukulele 

Halfway through the day, Gabe started throwing up. He got super pale (it's hard to imagine him being much more pale than he already is, but it happened!) and was so lifeless, he definitely was feeling pretty yucky. I felt pretty bad for him, though I enjoyed the extra snuggles, as this kid NEVER  just lays his head on my shoulder. He's always wiggling and moving around. 

Snuggles from gramma!

Watching Ben draw on his new easel. 

Aunt Marti showing Sam her Ukulele skills. 

Aunt Marti tells great secrets!

Nate and Heidi stayed the night on Christmas night. The boys wore themselves out playing together and Heidi and I went for a nice long walk the next morning and were able to have a legitimate lengthy, uninterrupted conversation for the first time in such a long time. She is my confidante and one I can always trust to give me good advice, even if it's not something that I want to hear...she has my very best in mind. It was so wonderful and is something that I know I will never forget. Actually, it brings to mind another Christmas back when we were in High School, when we took our 3 wheeler for a ride back on the logging roads all the way up to Davis Peak. It was one of those mornings that I will cherish always. It was a great way to end our Christmas season. 

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  1. Sarah, I so love these pics. It sounds like it was a wonderful day. I love that you and Heidi got to just sit and talk. Those times are so rare once you have kids, but their rarity makes that time so much more special.