Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas with the Stuarts!

Christmas already seems like such a long time ago, so I need to write down what I remember before I forget. Our first Christmas as a family was so wonderful and was spread over quite a few days. First, on the Friday before Christmas, we headed out with Dan's brother, Joe and his family, to Zoo Lights. Wow, was it ever busy! Ordinarily that wouldn't have been ideal, but it turned out to be a great thing (at least in Wedly's opinion) because to accomodate the crowds, they had to use a parking lot a ways from the zoo and were running school buses as shuttles. Boy did Wedly love to ride in that school bus!! It may have been his favorite part! It was such a fun night, seeing the the Christmas lights, seeing a few animals, but mostly it was fun to hang out with Joe and Sunshine and kids. We sure do love those guys and just don't get to see them often enough. Here's a picture from the bus ride. 

We celebrated Christmas with the Stuarts on Sunday the 23rd. It was a fun, laid back kind of day with good food, good company and a few fun games of pinochle. 

Grandma kisses are the best!

We had a good laugh over our similar outfits!

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