Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gabriel - 9 months

This is a long overdue update on our little Gabe. As I sit here, I am also trying to feed him lunch. It's a bit difficult  though, because of his growing interest in his brother. He is so easily distracted, which can certainly come in handy at times, though right now I'd much prefer him to focus on the task at hand. I certainly do appreciate their camaraderie that is growing by the day. I'll have to do a separate post with some pictures of their shenanigans.

And I just have to post a picture of what he currently looks like. He went down for a late-morning nap, which ended up being a long one (2 1/4 hours long!). He woke up with quite the bed-head.

9 month Stats: 20 pounds 11 ounces (49th percentile), 30 1/4 inches (95th percentile), and I can't remember his head circumference, but it too is in the 95th percentile. He grew out of his car seat...we have another on the way and I hope it arrives soon!

Gabe is now moving all over the place. He still army crawls, though he on occasion will crawl a very short distance in a typical crawling fashion.  Then he gets tired of trying something new and goes back to what he knows and is good at. His army crawling is pretty funny - almost like he is swimming. He pushes off to one side, then switches sides and pushes off on the otherside...back and forth.

He is also pulling himself up to standing on just about everything and is doing a little bit of cruising. He makes his way slowly around the train table and will pull himself up in his crib and make his way from one side to the other. I wonder how long it will be before he starts walking. Yikes! He's getting pretty strong, since he spends a good portion of his day standing, but his balance is still pretty poor. He likes to practice walking.

Gabe's favorite past time, as can be seen by the pictures that follow, are to play at the train table and to play with electronics. 

Guilty as charged - he LOVES to press the buttons on our sound system. And he usually does it when we are trying to watch or listen to something. 

 He still loves bath time and splashes away happily. We were giving him sink baths until he decided that he liked trying to pull himself up in the sink...then we went back to the bathtub where he and Wedly play and splash together.

And a few cute snapshots of our sweet little boy...

This is the thing that probably most freaks me out - him climbing up and touching our wood stove. Heaven help me...

This is after I told him he 'no' to climbing up by the wood stove. He was pretty sad. 

He is now eating quite a variety of foods, though some days he just doesn't seem very interested in people food, much preferring mama's milk. He enjoys bananas, apples, pears, carrots, chicken and potatoes, fruity yogurt, zucchini, avocado  blueberries, egg yolks, bread, and grated cheese. Depending on the day, he'll also eat some broccoli, peas and cottage cheese. I've been feeding him some off our plates and he does much better with his vegetables when I let him feed himself.

Daddy loves. :)

 Other things he loves:
-Outside - If I am holding him and come close to an exterior door only to turn away from it, he cries. Or if I go outside with him for too brief a time he gets very sad.
-He loves to play the piano
-He loves to swing with us on our swing.
-He loves to go exploring around the house and I recently found him standing up by the toilet. I guess we are going to have to do a good job of keeping the lid down or the door shut.
-He loves door stops. He always seems to find his way to them and I have to shut him out of certain rooms if Wedly is sleeping because they are so loud.

He is not too fond of strangers and can be shy even with people he is familiar with. When someone talks with him, he is very likely to turn his head against my shoulder. It is so easy to get smiles when we are at home, but when we are out and about he becomes very stingy with them. He also isn't super fond of reading, which I WILL cure someday. He's just too wiggly and only wants to chew on the books. Then he gets mad when I don't let him.

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  1. Yay! I was waiting for a new post! Funny how the older our little boys get, the more they sound similar!