Friday, March 15, 2013

My 'Birthday Party'

Sunday was my birthday - thirty one-derful, as my friend Darla put it. :) Gabe's little gift to me wasn't so wonderful, though it was bound to happen. We noticed his first tooth! I'm a little saddened by it. I adore his little toothless grin. It might be awhile still before it's really apparent. We have even debated as to whether it really is his tooth that we're seeing, because it is just a teeny-tiny speck on his lower gum.

Wedly gave me a pretty sweet little gift. He went out in our field and picked some dead hay for me. He came up to me and told me it was my birthday party. Even after we told him several times that it was his birthday present for me, he still kept calling it my birthday party. I guess he's got birthday parties on the mind, since he's got one coming up on Saturday. Here's a picture of my 'birthday party.' A little hard to see, but it really is sort-of pretty.

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  1. I love the birthday present from Wedley. It looks good on the table!