Friday, April 12, 2013

10 months

10 months with this little man -

Oh how I wish someone would stop time! I can't believe how fast this little guy is growing up. I'm doing my very best to just enjoy these moments, knowing that they won't last forever, but goodness me, it is just going too fast. I can't imagine loving him any more, he is just the sweetest little guy.

He is 21 3/4 pounds and I didn't get a chance to get his height. He also got his first two teeth.

His biggest love currently is to practice walking. He would practice a good portion of the day, I'm sure, if only we had the time and energy to accommodate him. We make many circles around our couch and have walked to the end of our driveway with him. He's like the energizer bunny. When we stop, he cries. The same thing happens when we are finished swinging with him or when we come inside after spending some time outside. He also loves throwing balls and then chasing after them.

-He is a shy little guy and will often turn away when someone other than Dan, Wedly or I talks to him.
-He enjoys dancing along with music (so sweet!).
-His favorite word right now is Da Da, which he says over and over and over...really he doesn't say much else.
-He has been sleeping in his crib, which is currently set up in our closet. And he has been sleeping really, really well, praise God! The majority of nights I'm only having to feed him once, though he might wake up once or twice in addition to this, but quickly falls back to sleep.
-His favorite foods are grapes, avacado, banana, plums, pears, cheese, yogurt and his beloved puffs, which I try to limit him on. I had been putting the container with them on the window sill next to his high chair, but have recently had to move them, since twice I've found him sitting on the floor surrounded by little puffs, cramming his face. He's a smart little guy, that one.
-I've also had to start washing dishes when he's not around, cause he loves taking out everything I've put in, in particular the silverware.

-He still loves to play at the train table and with electronics

-I've given up trying to keep him from eating dirt, leaves, grass, etc. It's a losing battle.
-He's a ton of fun right now, but I am starting to catch glimpses of his temper. Sigh. We've got our work cut out for us with this child, I can already tell.

He is attached to my leg quite a bit these days. 

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