Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Year Old...Oh.My.Word.

I've got a handful of posts that I need to get caught up on, but first I need to write a post about the sweet little one year old now living under our roof. And he is just that...such a little sweetheart. These monthly posts are probably pretty uninteresting to most people, and might even be uninteresting to me in the future, but if we end up having another baby, I think it'd be so fun to look back and see all the similarities and differences between them. As I write this, both boys are sleeping contentedly and I am sitting here feeling so, so blessed. It's funny because the moment we get the kids down for bed I release a sigh of contentment mixed in with a little bit of relief. It is one of my favorite moments of the day. Yet my other favorite moment of the day is when they both wake up in the morning and I get to grab Gabe out of his crib and get a few snuggles out of him, then when Wedly comes down, I say "Bonjou!" and give him a big ol' hug. They are a both a joy to me and I am reminded of the verse that says that God gives good gifts. Yes, indeed, he does just that.

Wake-up time! Excuse the clothes in the background...he sleeps in our closet! ;)

Our littlest member is just over 22 pounds (40th percentile) and is 31.25 inches long (90th percentile). He's an active little guy and spends a good portion of his day running around getting into mischief. But he also is pretty content hanging out in my arms or on my back.  He's taken a few steps, but at this point definitely prefers just's faster and requires no thought. I've been calling him our little goat because it seems he's always looking to get to higher ground. Here's a picture to prove it! I have no doubt that if I hadn't intervened he would have ended up either in the sink, or on the counter crawling around.

He loves going up and down the stairs and has pretty much mastered them, giving his mama much peace of mind. While we still keep the gate closed the majority of the time, I don't have to fret that if it happens to get left open, he might take a BIG tumble. 

Fun with Levi Lincoln

He still loves being outside and since he no longer puts everything directly in his mouth, I sometimes let him play outside while I do the dishes and watch him through my kitchen window. What is it about pea gravel, anyway, that kids love? 

He's been a quiet one until recently. He loves to babble, but until about a week ago, only had one word - dada, which he used ALL the time. Just this week, to my great joy, he's added "mama" and I think "up" and "bye" to the list. 

As far as sleep goes, he typically takes two naps (one at 10:30 and one around 2ish) and usually sleeps from 7:45 to 7:15, waking once to eat. 

He waves bye-bye, LOVES giving high fives, gives kisses only his mama and daddy could love, hates having his diaper changed, and laughs big-time at his brother's antics. He loves being tossed around by his daddy and also loves swinging on our swing with anyone willing to hold him. He also enjoys bike rides while strapped to my back. 

This boy can eat. We pretty much just feed him what we are eating, and he does really well with it! He has a special love for cheese, grapes and most recently, watermelon.

There are times that I find myself worrying about what the future might bring when I see him getting upset and throwing a tantrum. Oh dear, I have my work cut out for me. I just hope and pray that God will give me the wisdom and strength to consistently deal with everything he throws at me!

He seems to be getting over his mama-only stage and has actually done well in the nursery at church the last couple of weeks. This is a huge blessing as I started teaching Sunday school a few months back and am looking forward to having Danno join me as often as is possible. Previously he was baby-sitter extraordinaire. 

We have a little motorcycle walker that he has been loving. He would probably spend a good chunk of his day running around with that thing, except that he's always getting himself stuck in corners, which never fails to frustrate him. It's a full time job just following him around, getting him unstuck. 

Oh, this boy is SUCH fun. I go back and forth between feeling sad that he's growing up so fast and yet looking forward to seeing just who this little guy is going to become.  

And one final pictures of the brothers...

Future posts that I don't want to forget...our beach trip, Jeff and Brooke's trip home, Gabe's much-needed hair cut, my garden, and our first camping trip of the summer, and some super-cute Wedly stories. I suppose I'd better get going on those before I forget the details. But for now...zzzzzz.....

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